Pinhole Glasses and Cataracts

A cataract is like a small speck in the eye's lens. If one light ray, e.g.,. ray b (see diagram 2, strikes the speck, that ray is dispersed and may interfere with or completely flood any good image caused by other rays that enter and miss the cataract. Pinholes allow only selected and focused rays to reach the retina. Therefore depending on the nature and position of the cataract, pinholes can often produce a clarity of vision not possible with conventional lenses. Please check with your optometrist before trying pinhole glasses if you have cataracts.
MAKE SURE to give your eyes time to adjust to the honeycomb effect. It may be distracting at first, but offer a few minutes the brain stops paying attention to the plastic and notices rather, what is coming through the holes. It is not recommended that the pinholes be worn whilst operating a moving vehicle.