Prepare Yourself for the Dangers of the Coming 5G Network

A new form of EMR radiation will become a part of your environment soon ......

Is 5G SafeWe are in the middle of smart phone growth and the demands on our 4G networks are growing rapidly. To cover for this demand, 5G is planned and hardware is already in place (but not switched on yet) in many areas. The question is "has there been any testing on the effects of this new higher frequency radiation in our environment?" The short answer is no. The network is coming to your town very soon and the requirement to meet regulation only requires will this new microwave radiation does not heat us up like your left over dinner does the next day in your microwave oven.

Gerard Bini, the developer of the Geoclense, our most powerful energy health protection product says that his assessment of the 5G network reveals that this one requirement of making safe radiation allowed in our environment is more damaging than realized. Our demands in society require our broadband needs to be met, and governments and technology are meeting the needs we demand. But Gerard's assessment of this new radiation suggests it is dangerous and there will be a lot of sick people over time if it rolls out on us. Luckily Gerard Bini's Geoclense has new programming to negate this new radiation.

In a recent field trip to an area which has already gone live with 5G, he was able to make observations using his gifted ability to feel energies. He said in a phone discussion with me that he felt an energy created in the 5G area that there was a 1 to 1.5M energy rising from the ground, and that it seemed conductive to other items in that area. Looking at a church which normally has an serenely ambient energy, he said that the energy from the 5G system seemed to conduct through the entire church structure detracting from the natural serenity. The energy he says is in disharmony with the human body and could consequently lead to disease.

Upon researching this, doctors also are considering the same possibilities (see The Physicians for Safe Technology site article says the following;

Physicians for Safe Technology"Although 5G only penetrates the outer layers of skin, elements in the skin can act as a mini antennas radiating the RF frequencies deeper into the body and signalling the nervous, endocrine and immune system with broad adverse effects. There has been no pre market testing of 5G. It is assumed safe if it does not burn the skin. Like prior 2G, 3G and 4G networks, they are considered dangerous only if they heat the body. FCC guidelines are only based on heat. There has been no consideration for adverse  biological effects found at non thermal levels in a multitude of studies on 2G, 3G or 4G.  In addition, 5G technology has a disturbing data gap with regards to research on human or environmental safety, that is even admitted by industry. No studies done, no harm seen."

So we are only ASSUMING it will be safe - there is no scientific evidence indicating that it WILL be safe. 

Gerard Bini made several other observations while he was in the live 5G zone;

  1. You cannot escape the 5G radiation like you can the 4G radiation, as the antennas are so close together (on the tops of lamp posts). If you are close to a 4G network tower, you can walk approx 100M from it and you will no longer be in the danger zone, but this is not possible in the 5G network.
  2. There are 2 ley lines that completely disappeared in the live 5G network zone, both which have an important radiance energy for maintaining good health. One is the 25Km grid and the other is the 180M ley line. Neither were present in the 5G network zone.
  3. Tests revealed that his Geoclense works in harmonizing the radiation in the 5G zone. He was able to assess this with the assistance of a kinesiologist and in using the Biotensor instrument to check and confirm that the new programming works.The Geoclense 

The Solution

If you have already purchased the Geoclense post January 2018, then you are safe and protected. If your Geoclense is pre January 2018, or if you don't own one, you will need to purchase a new one to ensure that you and your family are protected from this coming 5G radiation (upgrades are not available). It is recommended that you also consider a Geoclense for your workplace environment, as well as the orgone pendant to protect you while you are outside of the Geoclense protection zones.

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