Reaching Beyond the Limitations of Classical Science

Watch the following video with Rupert Sheldrake describing how science has evolved to a point that where we are now limited by the foundational dogmas of science, and materialistic viewpoints that stop us looking beyond a mechanical universe, a principle originally formulated in the 17th century. It is interesting viewing and shows how we are bound by a limited belief system from the evolution of scientism that shapes the world we live in today. Interestingly, Sheldrakes speech was recorded but was banned from display on the official TED website. Why? Because it caused people to open their minds and reject many so-called scientific facts by revealing that the game was crooked. In science, we are taught that certain facts are unchanging laws. These laws then become the foundation upon which all research is built. What happens if these laws are not unchanging and, in fact, the game is rigged by “professionals” who have their own status in mind first and the laws of nature last?

You can watch read more about Sheldrake and his theory on the existence of a morphogenetic field, the very field that makes Nature exist and progress in the way it does.

There is further reading on this on the same page with the theories of German physicist Heim who lost eye sight hearing and hands in an accident, and was able to view the world differently and mathematically define the 5th and 6th dimensions, and how our reality manifests from these hyperspace dimensions. It makes interesting reading.

An example of such a law is the speed of light. “The speed of light = 299 792 458 meters / second.” (In a vacuum. – PVR). Notice how clean and factual and authoritative that statement is? No messing about; this is what it is and always shall be. The problem with this specific fact, as with almost all facts, is that it is wrong. The speed of light was monitored constantly between 1928 and 1945 and found to drop about 20Km/s during that time period. This severely upset the world view of Metrologists. Metrology is the science of measurement and is made up of folks who define measurements for the rest of us. They solved the problem in 1972 by redefining the meter in terms of the speed of light. When the speed of light changes, the length of the meter changes accordingly, in order to maintain the constant. In other words, the speed of light is now a lie and everything based upon the speed of light or the length of the meter is wrong. A similar thing has happened with the Gravity constant.

Natures Energies is all about looking beyond these limited beliefs and at new products and services that reach into the very basis of Nature, and not by what science defines through constitutional foundation which is not necessarily always correct.