Reality of Earth and Our Interaction with the Universe

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

We know the enemy create conditions for martial law to collapse the west. Tactics include the likes of; Insertion of Muslims, imbedded turncoat agitators ( even police ) within non governmental organizations, any issue to bring about non peaceful protest to justify the police state, even psychoenergetics to cause lack of emotional control. Evil FEEDS on fear and chaos, and the enemy are masters of chaos, as we live in an energetic realm of chaos or entropy.

Destroying perhaps the interior of 7 or more cities using pre positioned micro nukes, would kill an estimated  3 million.  Fukushima is cause for hazmat procedures throughout the US and parts of Canada  with no reliable readings available to the public. The pacific ocean is littered with dead seal life. There are 22 cities targeted. Using radiation by geoengineering is included. Readings can be as high as 55 times background. This was the condition in the Vancouver region within 2 weeks after the initial explosions at the nuclear plant. This... is the elephant in the room.
Bioweapons created in US labs like anthrax includes two airborne plagues from the pig and bird flu. I will not get into the history here, but the bun is in the oven, and the vaccines along with other means like the toxic water and geoenginering destroy the immune system as you both already know. Cross contamination in the FEMA death camps will be combined with the use of 30,000 guillotines before we know it, to make use of the coffins.
We are now at the time coming into the super shmeeta, which uses a seven year count, and now approach the 50 year jubilee. This is marked by the first visit by Petrus Romanus whom will address congress on Sept 24th. this year. The masters of chaos have reversed the blessings of keeping the laws of the Torah Jews, and now judgement will soon begin the time of Jacob's trouble.  The ten lost tribes do not keep the laws, but increasing numbers will, as calamity after calamity by the loss of peace, will force many to leave the lies of the formal religions in whom there is no power.  The lost tribes are already called to return by a spiritual call, which is only meant for them to hear. Counter to this, the enemy also forms small hidden groups as these are already instructed by the fallen in the flesh as to what roll they will play in bringing about the great falling away. New Age  & ecoterrorism of the green... agenda 21. I don't mean satanists that kill animals and go to concerts stoned outta their tree, I mean those who have been taken and instructed under mind control. Multiple personalities like the three mother goddesses for the blood sacrifices on specific days. Ever heard the term " They bath in gore " ? Now you know why Al Gore has his name, and that he buys adrenaline on the Illuminati black market. They are all interbred of course. They even sacrifice their Princess Di.
Contact will be made by the fallen in the flesh, a civilization of higher knowledge and development yet apart from God. Such are the one third of the fallen of the angelic race. From places for example like Alpha Draconis in the belt of Orion. They come from some where or some when.  They no longer travel by pyramid which is as a beacon as well as a power source on the surface. These have not functioned since the last age some 12,500 years ago, the last of them leaving by this means during the collapse.

Our galaxy at one time is expected to have had some 100 billion stars with a civilization similar to earth conditions. Life itself is created directly by God directly or indirectly through functionaries. Our civilization is about to go from it's infancy to join a collective of advanced civilization who understand each other. The other civilizations are not merged like transhumanists would bring about, with advanced technologies which alter our very DNA to make improvements like strength, speed, endurance and mental capabilities.

These others do not have any religions but have spirituality. Religion is a substitute for relationship with our creator, and one of the greatest deterrents to gaining immortality. These have transcended nano technologies and the vertical singularity, have the choice of either fusing with technologies becoming like the borg-like beings that transhumanists, and is a luciferian satanic total control cult and dead of eternal relationship with God.

The nature of the universe itself, is created by the interaction or our spirit consciousness corporately and individually, and the energy that creates our known vibrational state we call our universe. People misunderstand their own nature and if they did they would not do the things they do. They would feel the pain they cause, and understand we are all connected. Advanced civilizations know this and have the intellectual and spiritual power to know their own nature and their connectedness.
Converse to that, there are also some civilizations that are not as advanced but are definitely advanced and luciferian serpentine or reptilian that are extremely evil, have had extremely evil intentions to destroy and damage culture, and in a sense disconnected from the creator and creation. They are here only to steal kill and destroy.

We are caught literally in the nexus of the star war, as we are witnessing the transition of mankind through this transformation which will occur as we go through some long term cyclical cataclysms. A birthing process where our civilization will become potentially far more advanced.

Besides the midwives or helpers to make the delivery, there are also abortionists which are the luciferians and their ilk that have invaded our time / space from some where or some when, who have intentions with the new world order globalists.

They gain gratification to steal kill and destroy as it says in the bible. This is a physical attack, a technological attack, an economic attack, but primarily a spiritual attack in a world of the unarmed ignorant of even their own genetics, consciousness and spirituality. People don't even understand their own nature. This evil is against the very nature of what the best and brightest of mankind aspire to be, and against coming into our understanding the nature of what we have always been.

The underground bases are being built knowing there are cataclysms coming. The magnetosphere of earth is failing. The environment is experiencing a great number of negative feedback loops. We are moving toward a time of not just a high solar maximum 24 but the solar minimum which is right now, higher than any time since Galileo began timing solar activity. The global warming is caused by solar activity, not CO 2, which even a basic grade 8 science student should already know,  while they give awards for people like Gore for lying for profit.

Earth is part of an arm of our galaxy being dropped through a very energetic photon belt in the center of the galactic plane, having reached that point on Dec 2012. Old news for the initiated. The belt drives the sun to become more nuclear reactive. As it does, it drives more solar activity. The center of the earth is also a nuclear reactor. This generates increased geothermal activity inside the earth itself. The polar ice caps are melting even as the planet cools down.

Some of this you likely already know. This combination causes super storms, continental shift, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and a higher chance if the magnetosphere significantly drops, that we will be exposed to cosmic radiation that will kill, or at best be very dangerous to ones survival.  This would likely take 45 days requiring a minimum of ten feet of dirt or two feet thick concrete for protection.

Consider earth as a tuning fork. The tectonic plates each have a harmonic frequency which is very low. HAARP creates a Tesla pulse or resounding and you determine the harmonic frequency of each plate.  To release the energy you pump in that frequency over a period of time until you reach the pizo electric slip threshold of that plate, then the plate would shift from the accumulated energy.

This can be done from both mobile and space platform antenna. One at Hawaii, another Diego Garcia, one in Alaska, one on a south pacific Island recently operational, and several that are mobile at sea. There are an estimated 18 sites today. Some wave effects have been on youtube larger than a continent as well.

They can punch holes in the ionosphere of course for steering storms by influencing moisture rivers. They can set up interferometry waves resulting in nuclear strength explosions of energy without the radiation effects, up to some 100 mega tons, over any target on the planet. This is geoenergetics. There are neutron weapons that can destroy entire cities anywhere on the planet.

There is also a mode of operation which effects behaviour and emotion, if you want to start a riot somewhere. Using pico waves of harmonics. To effect brain nuclei and cause any emotional state desired from anxiety to a pseudo religious state, or as has already been done in one case against a pilot in peak health, to commit suicide, well beyond the instinct for self preservation with extreme prejudice, even to override the normal bodily reaction to such trauma as multiple knife wounds.  This, is psycoenergetics.

There is also the mode of operation I call bioenergetics. All matter carries a frequency. Basically they mimic the frequency of any disease, especially easy when the immune system is already over taxed. This is established with patterns preloaded into the computer systems. Raymond Rife did cure diseases.

The body will then display all the symptoms of the chosen disease until the body is overtaken by it. By the same token however, a scalar bomb released over the region would instantly cure the entire population and people would be completely unaware of it, not that they would ever do it of course, any more than they would prevent bad weather.

This same principles can be applied using the zigby communications network in all appliances for"smart buildings" in the future, as this has to some extent already been initiated by companies like Honeywell & the interconnecting systems from AT & T or the ADT home security network. The smart meter to monitor natural gas, electricity, and even the television of course, which can not only effect the state of mind, but view activities in the room, while the phone will listen to any conversation.  There will be attacks against people, even using appliances in the home.

There are both space based and directed energy scalar electromagnetic weapons which don't need chip implants in populations to be effective. Google, while mapping all resources is placing satellites in orbit which is also to bath the planet in Wifi. I have a semi quantitative scan analysis of the geoengineering contents. They include such things as human blood plasma, and an intelligent synthetic life form not from this planet.

You understand that by the minerals of one's own body, which is a walking antenna, by the electrochemical nature of the body, and also by external electro-pollution, morgellons victims are merely displaying symptoms of the understanding, that many are developing nano bot array's in the brain, as contents destroy the blood brain barrier.

This allows for far greater control over the individual in two ways. 1. greater reception for instruction by psychotronic pulse wave interferometry manipulation against any individual in such condition. 2. This person is also the greatest candidate by this condition, to have their pineal gland, and the magnetite within, now in a state of calcification, with a small window of opportunity to rejuvenate it by cleansing and detox protocol. The GWEN system is used for this more directly than other systems.

You want to do something besides store all the basic needs of life ? Eventually you will run out. And what will you do in the end thereof ? Get saved, Give back to him all that he has given you. Depend on him for every breath and thought. Keep his commandments, study the Torah, the very heart of God. Keep the testimony of Jesus. We are family in the eternal now. Pray that you be counted worthy to escape all these things coming upon the earth. That you be worthy to stand on his holy mountain. God says, Be holy as I am holy. You shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.