Sources of Human Knowledge

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

One requires spiritual discernment Greg, to identify the "source of any knowledge". Augmented by extensive research, as all those who follow satan in the world are required to reveal all they do, before they do it, as required by God of satan, and it's all done in obscure language and symbology of course. This was developed after God confused the languages during the construction of the tower of babel. All the answers will NOT be found among the greatest writings of those who serve satan.

From the letters of the Sanhedrin seventy, ten lifetimes of the study of the Kabbalah which is anything BUT holy,  to Atlas Shrugged, or more recent works like ; The Report From Iron Mountain or Codex A, etc...

The guide as a rule of thumb is, let it be scriptural, or let it be a lie. There are three basic means of gathering it from the wrong place which is pure evil. The other is of God. The ultimate source is the Hela Archeon, otherwise referred to as the Akashic Records.

While God is of course the source, the adversary has nine stones of the mind of God. He creates nothing and insults by the mimic of everything.... accept to create man which he cannot do in this case accept by synthetic clone, then taken over by a fallen in the spirit which knows everything about the person, having been either their familiar or to have actually possessed the person, sending the soul of the person to hell. Those who allow this do not know they will be sent to hell, and accept for the extremely top few, the others that know the personality very well including family, do not recognize the person is no longer there.

Man is of clay. Satan replaces by clay and iron. For the masses this is an entirely different process and is now ongoing using several means, the likes of which include global geoengineering, smart dust, vaccines, the global electronic cage which ranges from the zigby network and smart grid, to the GWEN network to the woodpecker grid, HAARP & it's multiple capabilities and uses. The ultimate goal here I won't get into as it takes some explaining.

On earth, the most advanced library is under the control of Petrus Romanus, THE GREAT LIAR whom is the false prophet. As such he plays his part to bring about the great falling away. Tesla's father for example, got access, most likely by permission, and provided it to his son whom as you know developed it and, as all developed technologies are, was taken back to continue for the use of those who provided it in the first place. The source of all the Vatican library is the fallen of the adversary. Today, a lot of searching globally ( by the black ops of the military industrial complex),  is for advanced technologies especially in the area of weaponry. The 22 gates are located and cern is the master key. Men's hearts will fail for fear of those things coming upon the earth. 

Another source of knowledge comes from the superluminal craft embedded in the remaining ice of Greenland, which used to have an 18,000 foot deep ice cap. No longer of course as we approach the nexxus of the long term cyclical celestial events, our solar system having reached this energetic region of space.  It's size is 55 miles wide, 300 miles long, and 2 miles high. There is only one small military base on Greenland, ( above ground ) with a well used airstrip located in the south west region. I have been there several times, enroute to northern Norway. The craft  is a functioning weather generator projecting a dampening field 200 miles in diameter. It was occupied by 80 foot tall fallen angels in the flesh, and their statues are on Easter Island. Called the Moyes.
All nations are there led by the UN of course.  Today a great deal of superluminal reversed engineered technologies is sourced from this particular craft still operating today. It is estimated to have been there for some 50,000 years which as mentioned can generate weather to further aggravate results like the last ice age, ( but not by it's own power alone as some would have you believe), as there are also other contributing factors related to long term cyclical celestial events.

David Sereda could build a small one for about 2 million, but with interplanetary capability, not with intergalactic speed capability, which would require more advanced means beyond helium three mined from the moon by the enormous "dragon " excavator already found there. I won't get into the stargates here either. The most advanced vehicle is the Drednaught mothership, some three aircraft carriers in length and having onboard advanced weaponry like advanced lasers which can vapourize any target on the planet at 11 million degrees at lightspeed. As shown on the TV series, it does have a gate. It carries a small contingent of TR3B type craft which usually move back & forth from places like area 51 or the black forest.

One must have either the specialized equipment or the internal ability, to recognize the difference between things like HAARP effects and a real gate, or between a craft, and scalar balls. Even between a craft with the emission signature of man pilots or pilots of the fallen in the flesh. Both operate synergistically between the mind and the drive train.

Another source comes from the fallen in the spirit, called up by one, two or all three mother goddesses. This is done by sex magic blood sacrifice ritual, and who within the circle of the pentagram, are able to force knowledge from them and return them to the spiritual place of hell within the earth itself.

Divination,  is communication with the demonic, whom are the fallen of the angelic race. THE ENEMY. Personally Greg, even having the newspaper's horoscope pass through the doors of my home is an abomination unto God. You understand, I do not participate in the things of the world. The wise and celebrated of the world are confounded by the simple minded, who having Gods holy spirit within, understand that all those of evil intent will be overcome by their own devices.

There are extremely few however, that have the level of knowledge that explains enough to bridge the gap between the sciences and technologies, and how these are interconnected by the spirit realm.  Hence, my people die for lack of knowledge.  Not simply by lack of knowledge of technologies, but by lack of knowledge gained from the depths of intimacy and a fellowship with God.... not just relationship as those who are born again but in fact, being a SERVANT, set apart as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, under the leadership of Yeshua, for all mankind. Nothing...will harm those who study to be approved, keep all his commandments, and have the testimony of Yeshua / Jesus.

Knowledge can only come from God or from the adversary, which was given nine stones to the mind of God. The most powerful of all beings ever created as we understand. He and his fallen are masters of the five dimensions, the realm of the chaotic or entropy. In these dimensions especially the fourth and fifth are all the physics known by man. Range of frequencies, matter, energy, time, inertia, gravity, etc... He creates nothing, and blasphemes God by his mimic or replacement of those things by way of technologies.

These things are already part of the heritage freely given to those who know God. Each at his own place rising to the fullness of him like champagne bubbles while the rest of mankind is headed the opposite direction. Each comes to SEPARATE their own, and each have their own mark.

Given to the synagogue of Satan, like exchanging a trinket for the eternal soul, they will flourish for a moment, and be judged, forced to acknowledge the father loves us, and be sent into outer darkness for eternity and out of remembrance.

Man is of the angelic race. By our dual nature we are confined to physical reality comprising five dimensions, and are to seek the purpose of our lives in order to fulfil our prophetic destinies. Mankind is comprised of the children of darkness, children of the world, and children of the light. By spiritual DNA if you will, the children of darkness will never enter heaven. Children of the world could end up going either way.

Of the children of the world who find salvation, some go into captivity. Some to die by the sword. Some to die by the airborne plagues, and these are the mercies of God, rather than face the decision of taking the mark, for which there can be no salvation. There are two other means by which there is no salvation. Suicide, or to grieve the holy spirit. This would be if it is given to know "the way"and for each our purpose in the body is unique and yet to turn from it.

It is for the children of the light for whom it is given in the spirit that we come into our purpose. For those of the world and of the light is to discover our destinies, and then if we discover it, to FULFILL this.

Man, is to transcend technologies by spiritual intimacy. There is no solution by technology, even if you had all the knowledge being used. The reason mankind collapsed in the last age, was our dependence on technologies.  This planet has been isolated for three shards. This last age of corruptibility sees the rise of the 4th Reich. All that was done before is being done for the last time. The fact that earth is isolated by the divine plan of salvation, is why all those ho claim to be from other worlds are of the fallen of the angelic race. The one third we battle in the spirit, and must overcome in the mind and the flesh.  Of those who serve God, there are some 100 TRILLION. They are all strictly business. For them there is no plan of salvation. Evil must have spiritual legal grounds for what they do. Beyond this are the 200 who came to earth having left their first estate or condition, outside of these legal boundaries. Their offspring as you know are with us still, until the end.