The Bagua

Practical Application - Determining the Feng Shui sectors in your home

The Bagua MapThe bagua octagon is used by Feng Shui practitioners to determine the locations for certain sectors representing specific properties in the home or the office.

To apply the bagua to your own home, you simply do the following;

  1. Print the bagua picture.
  2. Stand in the centre of your home.
  3. Obtain a compass (Feng Shui practitioners use a lopan compass, although it is ok to use a normal compass) and determine which way is north.
  4. Orientate the bagua picture until the "N" shown at the bottom of the picture (in the career sector) is pointing north.

You will now be able to determine each of the 8 sectors in your home, and apply a remedy as appropriate e.g., if you are having financial problems, you may strengthen the wealth sector (in the SE direction) by placing or water feature (e.g., a small water fountain or an aquarium) in that sector, hanging a water print (e.g., a nice picture of the sea), or hang a lucky charm in the sector.To evaluate other Feng Shui remedies which are available, view the Natures Energies feng shui catalog.