The Structure of Existence

By Anonymous (The author of this article has preferred to keep their identity anonymous)

The planet has been isolated for three ages from the rest of all creation. Civilizations on our planet have risen and fallen many times. WE... are the last generation of corruptibility. THIS... is the latter days, before the time of Jacobs trouble. Unless any reader is one of those anti conspiracy nuts who still thinks chemtrails are jet contrails after over fifteen years... I think we are on the same page here, but we know some readers will be lost from lack of understanding or belief. For others... it is simply not given. Not all mankind is destined for heaven.

A human, is actually an offspring of the fallen angels mixed with the seed of man.  It's a Welsh word actually. Serpent-man. Welsh is not too far off from Hebrew. We as mankind, have nine bodies, not one or perhaps one and the soul being the other. There is your spiritman, then there is the birth of the eternal soul, and another for each of the seven dimensions of the hyperdimensional spirit realm. For in each dimension we rise to, is another we inhabit of ever greater anointing, and intimacy with God.

Our fifth dimensional body ( because the physical / energetic consists of five of the 12 dimensions in all ), is what we observe in our 3-D world, which is in this realm of chaos that exists in the physical form with our five senses to interact with the world. As we are born, we draw further and further from this spiritual realm until completely disconnected. Ever wonder what babies are looking at ? We are angels held in physical form, and they are looking at our family.
It would see man keeps making the same mistakes over and over. The challenge is the self. That is the purpose of life. To be an extension of God. A light in this world of his eternal lifeforce.  Most, will neglect their salvation, as shown that there are some 4,000 religions. People seem to complicate things. Most religions have some part, a fragment of the truth. Like little instruction cards, with formal observances that replace relationship, instead of living in the knowing of Gods presence as does all in all realms of existence, and in the complete perfection and unity of his all consuming power and love.

Did you know there are some 100 trillion angels to call upon? All existence lives in the knowing of his presence. There are no opinions. There is only... the way it is. God, is in the eternal now, the 13th dimension or third heaven outside all creation with which he has adorned himself with an ever continuous renewal of perfection from his throne. This is an understanding which physics attempts to explain.

The 3-D we are in is literally the lake of fire. It's as close to hell as the saved will ever be. This has also been cried out to God the moment my spirit-man was sent to the throne in the baptism of the holy spirit, calling out to him in drenching tears, praying in tongues as I recall using the word" Sheol". Prayer in tongues is one gift. Interpretation is another. One I have yet to accomplish.There are seven of these gifts. There are however five dimensions of the energetic, an existence of entropy. Space is not a vacuum. Space can be torn, worn out like a garment, shaken, burned up, split apart like a scroll, rolled up like a scroll. Even DNA itself can be unrolled like a scroll and read like a book.

The fourth dimension is like the flux field of magnets. Bringing them closer together causes the space between them to be reduced closer than we physically have them, by the force of this attraction. This is because the mass increases. This is linear space mass conversion. The fourth is the realm of time of quantum tunnel wormholes, where all that is, is, all that was is, all that will be, is, and as boundary is curved. There is granularity to time as pixels on a TV for viewing, so time space is in pixels.

The fourth is imbedded if you will, into the fifth dimension. The fifth is the higgsfield which is the structure of dark matter. zero point energy of the electric universe. Within it time does not exist, nor does it exist in any of the hyperdimensional realms. It moves at 10 billion times light-speed as a granulated quantum tunnel wormhole.  In it's various forms it generates electro-magnetism, electrical fields, gravity which is non linear space mass conversion, mass, and inertia. All the laws of physics. We are imbedded in time which is space time, which is within the higgsfield, in an existence of entropy or chaos. Due to the destruction of the last age, a portion of our DNA is isolated. To release this would likely release a whole new set of diseases.

 Again this dimension is pixilated in the higgsfield or quantum tunnel wormhole of hyperspace. ( sometimes I get mixed up between space time and time space. It can really mess your head up. Hyperspace and beyond, is always in NOW time. The spiritual realm functions very very differently from our 3-D existence in the five dimensions of the energetic. It is the spiritual or hyper-dimensions of the true reality, which determine by free will, the physical outcome. In this way, we are co-creators of the timeline we experience. In the eternal now, thought creates instantly. In the 3-D physical, it can take longer to manifest.  

There are some 460 trillion galaxies comprising our known universe. There are an infinite number of universes, all like a bubble if you will accounting for the curvature of space time.  The order of the other dimensions are of non entropy from six to twelve in all comprising hyperspace or what we call the spirit realm.
In the center of each galaxy is a black hole, which is 2.5% of center mass of each galaxy. As matter enters, an ejection of equal balanced energy is flowing out. This energy emerges into all white holes to create the stars and into the center of all planets which enlarges both from within. That's why tectonic plates see very little subduction. It's also why hell enlarges itself to make room in the spirit realm for those who end up in hell. They could not connect to source because it was not established before leaving their physical existence. No soul memory was established for them to hear the call. No relationship was formed in life. This energy which has been given many names, dark matter, zero point, superlight etc... is like a spinning spiral of flux lines attracted by all galactic movements of spin resonance.

Information is transmitted as boson tachyon poly dimensional hyperspace or fifth dimensional fractal holograms, and do not transmit energy. Instruments for measuring electricity or magnetic fields cannot detect tachyons, as these function by measuring electron flow and transmission. These pas through all matter and cannot be stopped, even by a faraday cage of course. They represent within the fifth dimension, part of the total assembly for interaction between consciousness and matter.

Thought creates a transmission field to interact between what is not formed as matter and matter in any form. We live in a fractal universe. Everything is harmonic holographic and everything is photon entangled. All life are infrared phonon maser wave DNA to biomolecular holographic architecture. Of DNA, 93% codes for the spiritbody of hyperspace or spirit realm, and the rest for the energetic. One would need to study biophotonic entanglement. Our science is rapidly approaching the singularity.

Just as the Fibonacci sequence of intelligent design is shown everywhere on earth, so too are galactic formations.  Just as the body is the temple of God and a reflection of the throne in heaven, there are also energetic locations on the planet that like the body, are trinity points of energetic frequencies that in the corruption, cause life to be short, and the world to be off course. At one time, the earth was covered with ice above, and there was no corruption of the environment at all. Methuselah lived a thousand years, because it was natural for him too. Everything grew larger. faster, with far greater vigor, with an atmosphere like a hyperbaric oxygen chamber of greater air pressure and faster healing. You could run all day and not be so worn out as today's atheletes.

I read somewhere there are 22 interdimentional gates, and that cern is the master gate to open them all. Unfortunately opening cern along with any others to the higher dimensions, will allow the fallen to come into our 3-D existence. Not a pleasing prospect at all. What would you do if the " hulk "were standing in your yard ? Yet, all things will be revealed in our time, and corruption and evil will bring it's own end. That's why God says vengeance is mine. It is not for us to judge, it is only for us to love. Be angry...but sin not.