The Subtle Energy Bodies

The Subtle Energy Bodies

A Brief Lesson

The following four subtle energy bodies of consciousness are what defines your personality, your perception, your direction in life, and your soul's expression and are known as the Causal or Spiritual, the Mental, the Emotional and the Etheric Bodies.

Your Causal or Spiritual Body

The Subtle Energy BodiesYour Causal or Spiritual BodyThe Auric Body is the body of consciousness and awareness and the Auric Layer is the representation of the chakra interacting in the aura.

Your Spiritual Body (the first of the subtle energy bodies) also known as the Causal Body is a body of consciousness associated with your true spiritual path and direction in life. It is your highest potential and reflects your ability to manifest your souls true potential here on earth.

The essence of your soul's reality is the expression "to be" and this ultimately is the reason for your existence. It has the highest vibration of your auric bodies and depending on the development of your spiritual nature, this body can emanate up to three feet from your physical body.

It appears as a whitish glow and contains your true spiritual essence.

Your Mental Body

Your Mental BodyYour Spiritual body as discussed above is the blueprint to your spiritual potential. However, it requires the creation of patterns of energy for this potential to be expressed and experienced. These patterns of energy are stored in the Mental body (the second of the subtle energy bodies) as thoughts - both conscious and sub-conscious.

The patterns stored within your mental body creates the character framework for your soul to project its personality. The "self" - you - manifests and expresses your concrete intellect through your mental body.

This body appears as a golden yellow light radiating out and around your head and shoulders and extending around your whole body. It expands and becomes brighter when you are concentrating on mental processes.

Extending up to twelve inches from the body, your mental body filtrates thoughts down to your emotional body which reacts to the thoughts with an emotional association be it love, fear, happiness, anger, and so forth. A balanced mental body will provide you with clarity and direction.

Your Emotional or Astral Body

Your Emotional or Astral BodyYour Emotional Body (the third of the subtle energy bodies) is more fluid and of a higher vibration than your etheric body. It appears as colored clouds in continual motion, reflecting the quality and intensity of your emotions. This is the part of you that likes to "jump out" in times of trauma and shock, to produce a feeling of emotional numbness, which will allow you to slowly integrate the knowledge of the shock in your own way.

The Emotional body, which is also known as the Astral body, is the seat of your emotions. It is the bridge between your mind and your physical body. Your emotional energy governs your fears and hopes, loves and pains. It governs the extent and nature of your personality expression upon the physical plane.

This body is the projection of your longings, moods, feelings, appetites, and fears. Your emotional "self" is the expression of your mental "self" thus the emotional body is the expression of the mental body.

The energy of your emotional body impacts on your Etheric body, which in turn impacts on your physical body. Consequently emotional blockages prevent the manifestation of clarity of thought and direction in the physical body.

Your Etheric Body

Your Etheric BodyYour Etheric Body (the fourth of the subtle energy bodies) appears as a bluish-grey color or shadow, extending approximately one inch from your physical body. It is responsible for the transfer of life energy or vitality from the universal energy field to your physical body.

Your Etheric body is a body of Etheric or subtle matter which furnishes the basic blue print for your physical body. Every cell in your physical body has an etheric counterpart.

This body also serves as a filtration system. Universal life force energy filters down through your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Etheric Bodies into your physical body. The Etheric Body is the interface between your physical body and the other subtle bodies of your aura.

When the flow of this energy is disrupted, your physical body is affected and if this imbalance is not corrected, illness and dis-ease can manifest in your physical body. There is a synergistic relationship between each subtle body in your aura. You can learn more about this energy flow and how to balance them here.

Other than the four subtle energy bodies the Aura also has seven distinct layers of energy that are intimately connected to what is known as the Chakra System which is located along the spine.