Toxin Elimination, Toxic Overload and what you can do about it

How does our body remove toxins?

The toxic waste from cells heads through your lymph and towards two major thoracic ducts, which dump back into major veins that go to your liver for final toxin processing. If you inhale or ingest something toxic then the toxins enter your circulation and head directly to your liver. When your liver does a good job it is keeping your blood clean of trash, absolutely vital to your survival.

The Process of Detoxification and EliminationIf your liver cannot do its job well or has been inundated with too much work (toxic exposure, illness, etc), then toxic levels rise in your blood and this is considered a significant stress by your body as these toxins can irritate vital organs like your heart, brain, and kidneys as they remain in the circulation too long. This problem can make your lymph get congested because your blood simply cannot tolerate any more toxins coming into it that your liver can not get rid of.

Some people with sinus or digestive issues are constantly overworking their liver from toxic byproducts of imbalanced bacteria and Candida. It is like they have their own internal brewery. Obvious problems include too much alcohol, smoking, street drugs, and the number of prescription medications a person is on.

How do I know whether I have toxic overload?

Typical liver-related toxic stress includes:

  • headaches (mostly on temples or sides of head)
  • dry skin
  • nausea (especially in the morning
  • a poisoned or irritable feeling
  • dark circles or bags under the eyes
  • fluid retention under the skin (puffy or pitting skin)
  • skin problems anywhere

Note: lymph skin problems are mostly from the shoulders up due to where pressure forces them, whereas the livers inability to clear toxins can cause skin problems anywhere on the body.

If you get sick and after a few days you feel like you have been run over by a truck then you know full well what an acute and intense toxic overload feels like. Many people struggle with much smaller versions of these toxic feelings on a daily basis. People with fibromyalgia actually feel sick without being sick when they try to do too much for their level of fitness and end up feeling too toxic.

One response of your liver to toxic overload is to get the toxins as far away from your heart as possible, which means leave them in your toes (painful). Another solution is to stuff them into fat and lymph nodes. If you wake up in the morning and all your joints feel sore then it is often because toxins have settled in them during the night. As you get up and move around your body mechanically pumps them out of the joints. When your liver works better any of the above issues improve.

Body shape loss and increasing bodily weight

Eventually as toxins increase, your body stores liquids in the fatty tissues and your weight increases. Your lymph nodes also become enlarged. Typically a woman becomes bell shaped and larger in the hips, as this is where there are many lymph nodes, whereas in men, they become enlarged outwardly in the abdominal region which is populous with lymph nodes.

How to rid the body of toxic overload

There are a number of solutions that are available. You can try a detox diet, try supplements like organic spirulina or place yourself on a regular programme such as using the Ionic Foot Spa Detoxification Unit.