14 Acupuncture Meridian Tuning Fork Set - Unweighted

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14 Acupuncture Meridian Tuning Fork Set - Unweighted

Acupuncture without the needles!

This is set of 14 Acupuncture Tuning forks that correspond to the 12 major meridians and 2 central vessels. These Tuning forks are useful for balancing the 12 major organs (6 viscera and 6 bowel) as well as the central vessels.

The process used to balance the meridians using the tuning forks is called entrainment. Entrainment is defined as adjusting an internal rhythm so that it synchronizes with something external. In balancing with tuning forks, the vibration of the fork brings the vibration of the internal meridian or organ group back into the correct vibration to achieve homeostasis.

These 14 Acupuncture Meridian Tuning Forks are based on;


  • LUNG 2287Hz

  • LIVER 1032Hz

  • GALL BLADDER 506.8Hz



  • KIDNEY 383.7Hz

  • BLADDER 343.8Hz


  • HEART 289Hz


  • STOMACH 126.9Hz

  • GV GOVERNING 100.9Hz


Working with these tuning forks helps in general health and well being of the body as blockages in these Meridians lead to pain and disease in the body.

Audio Recording of each Tuning Fork in the Kit

Tuning Fork Label Recorded Sound
CV Central Listen Now
GV Governing Listen Now
Stomach Listen Now
Spleen Listen Now
Heart Listen Now
Small Intestine Listen Now
Bladder Listen Now
Kidney Listen Now
Pericardia Listen Now
Triple Heater Listen Now
Gall Bladder Listen Now
Liver Listen Now
Lung Listen Now
Large Intestine Listen Now

Note: The recorded sounds may include other sounds from the environment in which they were recorded e.g., birds sounds, car sounds, reversing truck sounds, dogs barking, cracking sounds from wind or from room heating up or cooling down etc.

Material Accuracy Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Special Grade Aluminium Alloy All forks are tuned to
an accuracy of +/- 0.25%
Bag 1: Felt Bag Open: 32.5 x 48; Felt Bag Closed: 32.5 x 24
Bag 2: Felt Bag Open: 32.5 x 77; Felt Bag Closed: 32.5 x 38.5
Shortest Tuner: 10.1
Longest Tuner: 37.2
Complete Kit (Incl the 2 Velvet Bags): 1012
Shortest Tuner: 53
Longest Tuner: 68

Recommended Additional Products

It is recommended that you purchase the tuning forks rubber mallet, to activate the tuning forks correctly.


If you require guidance and instruction on techniques for using the tuning forks therapeutically, we recommend that you purchase the Tuning Fork Therapy® DVD - Part 1 and/or read the eBook Tuning Fork Therapy Level One.

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Gaven M.
Good Quality

I use these in my practice and am very happy with the quality of the forks.

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