8" Round Double Sided Acrylic Flat Scrying Mirror. Includes Stand and Downloadable eBook.

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  • Non-Breakable Black Acrylic Mirror
  • Use Both Sides. Dual Function*
  • Microfiber Sleeve for Protection and Cleaning
  • 1/4 inch thick with polished edges

Objects used for scrying are reflective, translucent, or luminescent. Ancient Greeks used the reflections in pools of water. Nostradamus used black obsidian bowls with water. The most common are ANY reflective black objects such as plastic, glass, water, or black semi-precious gemstones like black obsidian.

The scrying medium doesn't matter as much as your ability to stare at an object and achieve a trance state.

Scrying means to perceive or reveal. Once in a trance state, using our acrylic mirror as a portal, one could bring in hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability.
* With the acrylic mirror, both sides can be used for scrying. The back side, with no image, is an excellent plain mirror that can be used for past life regression. With proper suggestions, one can visualize their face as it morphs through different past lives.
The Microfiber sleeve provides excellent protection for your mirror. It is also excellent for cleaning and removing fingerprints. It serves a dual purpose. 

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (g)
Black Acrylic - No Felt Backing allowing both sides to be used. Black Diameter: 8"/20cm 251

A link to a free 19 page eBook will also be provided on your invoice with detailed instructions on using the mirror.

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This was a gift for a very dear friend of mine who absolutely loves this mirror. Whom I am so thankful is in my life. Hoping this will bring her what she is looking for, that connection, a sign, of her late father. I worked through emails with Greg, who assured me this was a beautiful piece. I had contacted him serveral times which he helped me with my decision on shipping, a special note, etc. I elected to go with the top shipping rate to give me peace of mind, coming from such a great distance. Everything went like clock work. I would highly recommend this company for the excellent service and products. Thank you again Greg and the company from the land down under.

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