Acu-Doctor Electro Acupuncture Pen

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Acu-Doctor Electro Acupuncture Pen

Acu-DoctorElectro Acupuncture Meridian Channel Locator and Stimulator
The Acu-Doctor is an advanced acupuncture pen that not only detects the body’s acupoints and meridians, it also offers electro acupuncture treatment to these channels for effective body relief, and balancing of the bodily meridians. By balancing the bodily meridians, we are able to allow the free flow of chi energy to the associated bodily organs, which thereby leads to good health. Meridian channels that are blocked from the flow of chi energy invariably leads to diseased bodily organs.
Before looking into the specifics of this product, lets firstly look at a brief regarding the principles being used by Acu-Doctor.

The Human Acupuncture Meridian System (Click to Enlarge)What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional medicine that originated in China somewhere between 2000-4000 years ago. It is believed that our body is consists of meridian channels through which chi energy or life force (QI) flows. While originally thought to be pseudo scientific, the existence of each of the meridians has interestingly been proven anatomically using electron microscopy in recent times. Along each of the meridians, we find acupuncture points (aka acupoints) where the flow of chi has a tendency of getting blocked. The acupuncture chart to the left shows each of the meridians as well as the acupoints associated with each of the meridians.
QI is thought to be essential for our overall health. Any interference in the energy flow may result to diseases and health problems.
Acupuncture is a procedure devised to correct any disruptions in the body’s QI. It works by stimulating the body’s acupuncture points (locatied in or on the skin) usually and traditionally by means of thin needles. Other methods are through application of heat (moxibustion), pressure (acupressure) or laser light (laserpuncture). The Acu-Doctor stimulates the meridian acupoints using fine electric pulses (electro acupuncture).
In more recent times, acupuncture has been a subject of various scientific studies. To date, several products have been developed, all of which are utilizing the principles of acupuncture, for the purpose of improving one’s overall health.

The Acu-Doctor

Among the many acupuncture-related inventions is the Acu-Doctor. It is an electric acupuncture device, developed based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), physics, electrobiology, bionics and extensive years of clinical practice. The acu-Doctor is used in electrotherapeutics by automatically finding acupoints and applying acupuncture treatment without the use of needles.

So "no" to needles. Acu-Doctor is acupuncture without the needles.
Principles Behind the Acu-Doctor

The Acu-Doctor is the modern application of the traditional acupuncture. It follows the theory that the body is composed of QI, flowing similar to that of blood in its circulation within the body. This QI or (life force) flows into the body through certain paths known as meridians or channels. The QI flow however, has a tendency of getting blocked on areas known as acupoints. When this happens, stimulation on the acupoint is necessary in order to restore proper energy circulation.

The Acu-Doctor Features

The Acu-Doctor is an easy-to-use, lightweight, functional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) used for acupuncture therapy. TENS is defined as the use of electric current emitted from devices for curative use.
The following are some of the features of The Acu-Doctor:
  • Display - The Acu-Doctor is equipped with a digital LCD display that accurately points to the location of the acupuncture points for immediate treatment.
    The Acu-Doctor displays numbers from 0 to 500. The maximum number refers to the nearest, if not the exact location of the acupoint. In addition, a green LED indicator will stay lit until the acupoint is located.
  • Adjustable Frequency – The Acu-Doctor offers an adjustable frequency, ranging from 1 – 16Hz. This flexible range allows the user to adjust the stimulation to a more comfortable setting.
  • Sensitivity Control – Aside from an adjustable stimulation frequency, the Acu-Doctor also has a sensitivity control knob that enables the user to regulate the sensitivity of the device. This is particularly important as patients have varying skin types and consequently different sensitivities.
  • Certification – The Acu-Doctor is a CE-approved device. More importantly, it has received an ISO 13485 certification, verifying that it has met the comprehensive quality management system requirements for the design and manufacture of a medical device.
Acupuncture Pen SchematicsThe Acu-Doctor is the first acupuncture pen developed for intelligent acupuncture channel detection and treatment. With this device come features that are not only designed for effective acupoint detection but also for stimulating these acupuncture meridian spots for effective, immediate healing.
The Acu-Doctor is one of today’s most innovative portable and hand held simulators available.

How it works

The Acu-Doctor is capable of detecting meridians by interpreting the skin’s electrical resistance. While scanning the skin, the pen reads the local electrical resistance of the specific area. The lesser the resistance, the closer it is to the acupoint.
The Acu-Doctor has a digital LCD display that is capable of showing numeric values from 0 to 500. The greater the value, the nearer is the device to the acupoint. Consequently, the lowering of the skin’s electric resistance raises the number in the LCD display. When the metal probe detects an acupoint, the device also creates a sound signal that helps inform the user that an acupoint has been detected. With the Acu-Doctor, one can have the benefits of acupuncture treatment without the use of needles.


The Acu-Doctor is an acupuncture and moxibustion therapy device that follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory; hence it does not pose any harm to one’s health. Furthermore, as it accurately locates meridians, one can skillfully apply electro acupuncture to stimulate the body’s natural curative capabilities.

With the application of electro acupuncture, the use of needles is not necessary. The stimulation probe (tip of the device) is a modern spring type probe that offers consistent and comfortable acupressure and electro acupuncture to the acupoints. It serves as the stimulant, releasing muscular tension from the channels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing QI to aid in self-regeneration.
When activating the stimulation mode on the Acu-Doctor, one can enjoy treatment in a continuous electric pulse ranging from 1 to 16Hz, fully adjustable by simply turning the frequency dial.
Overall, The Acu-Doctor is an electrotherapeutic device that offers the benefits of acupuncture treatment anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the comforts of treatment through use of the Acu-Doctor electro acupuncture pen.


Click here to download the manual in English.


Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Box Size: 27 x 11 x 4.5 10.5 / 424
Note: we are not medical doctors, and we are not making any medical claims for the Acu-Doctor. No medical claims are expressed or implied. It is recommended that if you are sick or unhealthy in any way that you seek the services of a professional medical health practitioner. It is not recommended that you use this device without being supervised by a professional medical health care professional.


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Samuel W.


Why did I wait so long to buy this? Love this pen! Assists with finding the exact points without question.



My Electro Acupuncture pen arrived and I was very happy with it overall. The only thing I wasn't so happy with is the jar that comes with the unit has no contact gel in it. Apparently you have to purchase the gel for yourself.

G H.


I find the acu-doctor a perfect device for locating acupuncture points in my practice. My unit arrived quickly and after charging it from my USB port on my computer I was able to use it right away with precision results. The application of electroacupuncture is also very good. It came well packaged in a case for easy storage and is quality product. I highly recommend the Natures Energies Acu-Doctor.

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