All 5 Pure Inert Gas Beaming Devices - Complete Set

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All 5 Inert Gas and Noble Gas Devices FeedbackClick here to read about about the theory and use of the inert gas devices in general as well as realistic dimensions of the inert gas and magnetic field.

We are offering a complete set of inert gases at a discounted price, far cheaper than paying for each of the inert gas beaming devices as individual units. Having the complete set of 5 inert gases allows you to "mix" your own gases. As an example, you might wish to have the Argon/Krypton mixture to deal with negative thought forms from current and past lives. Simply take from your kit the Argon device and the Krypton device, and leave both bottles next to your bed to eliminate negative thought forms. After you feel that the thought forms have been dealt with, return the Argon and Krypton devices to your kit, and then simply place the Xenon device next to your bed to deal with the physical issue to recover soft or hard flesh. When doing so, you notice you are not sleeping well. Then simply get the Helium device from your kit, and have both the Xenon and Helium devices next to your bed. So you can get an idea on how to use the devices from this example, and it will save you money in the long run having to purchase mixtures.

Includes Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #2, Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #3, Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #4, Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #5, and Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #6

Buy all of the inert gases at once and save!


Click here for instructions on using the inert gas devices.

Container Material Color Dimension of Each Unit (cm) Empty Container Weight (g)
Aluminium (Anodized) and Brass Blue Height 12; Diameter 5.8 829
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Rev. Gerard Radiate

I purchased the Complete set of all 5 Pure Inert Gas Beaming Devices. They are an excellent product well constructed with the proper biomagnetic poles - they immediately produced very coherent and clear powerful energy fields, and were consistent with the positive experiences that I've had with noble gas products and my own experimentations with noble gas designs. These are truly a great product and the price is wonderful - very affordable and very very reasonable for what is concerned and offered here. These are true alchemical treasures and I offer anyone who can afford them a blessing if they choose to purchase and use them to work for the benefit of humanity.

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