Aries Zodiac Pendant

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Crafted from High Quality Stainless Steel, in real life this pendant will be sure to impress!

People carrying the sign of Aries were born between March 21 and April 19

If your birthday is in Aries

Inspiration leads you to seek new worlds to conquer.
Your happiness lies in a victory over limiting conditions.
The conquest is your source of greatest happiness, and you cheer when you win.
Once that’s accomplished you’re bored and seek some new way to find challenge and get the best of it.
You rejoice at overcoming hindrances, defeating obstacles and opposition.
This goes for love, too; watch out a bit for this happiness trend, preferably by marrying someone who gives you a constant sense of challenge. You can be joyous when striving to win political position and each step upward in this Held can provide splendid challenge.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Stainless Steel Shiny Metallic 4.1 cm Length x 2.2 cm Width. Thickness 1.2 mm 16

Pendant comes with a 55cm stainless steel chain included.