Aventurine Tumbled Gemstone

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Attracts wealth and abundance through opportunity. Now think about what that means. Where or what is your opportunity? Carry an aventurine in your left pocket each time you buy a lottery ticket. Did someone suddenly present a business opportunity to you? Did you have your aventurine in your pocket? Carry your aventurine in your left pocket and be ready to accept the opportunity when it comes your way.

Aventurine is the perfect gemstone for entrepreneurs and anyone who is self employed. These people need to stay motivated and ready to strike while the iron is hot and they are ready, willing and able to accept opportunities as they come.

A great gemstone for leaders of any sort and business persons, helping one make correct decisions by allowing you to see alternatives and potentials and leaving you in a anxiety free and stress free state. Excellent protective shield against psychic vampires as it protects the heart chakra.

Green aventurine helps keep you in a calm start and is perfect for teenagers as they go through their hormone roller coast on their way to adulthood. Also can be used as an aid to nearsightedness.

As a healing stone, aventurine is beneficial to the blood and circulatory systems. It can help relieve headaches and improve general health and help you sleep better. Green aventurine is associated with the Hearth Chakra.

General Aventurine Healing Properties

Metaphysical healers used aventurine not just for the emotional and mental healing aventurine is known for but also for it's ability to bring down a fever, relieve stress from all over the nervous system, heal migraines, aid in healing eye ailments, normalize high blood pressure and soothe and heal Urinary tract disorders.

Size (mm): 25 - 43mm (width, thickness, shape and color does vary and is not necessarily the same as the crystal shown in the picture).

Weight (g): 12 - 34g

Vibrates to number Astrological Signs Planet Chakra
3 Libra. Associated with Aries, Taurus, Leo and Libra Mars Heart
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Jenny B.
Good Quality

A nice quality crystal

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