Billy Goat Plum - Australian Bush Flower Essence Stock Bottle Remedy - 15mL

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Billy Goat Plum

Billy Goat Plum Negative Condition:

• shame
• inability to accept the physical self
• physical loathing
Positive Outcome:

• sexual pleasure and enjoyment
• acceptance of self and one's physical body
• openmindedness

For feelings of self disgust, self loathing, especially if directed to the sexual area and act. For those people who feel revolted and dirty about sex and feel unclean afterwards. Can also be for feeling revolted by other physical aspects e.g., acne, eczema, a large nose etc.

Preparation of Dosage Bottles

Place seven (7) drops of Stock Essence into a 15ml to 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

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