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Utilizing a unique photon harmonization technique to make effective therapeutic color light for your patients .....

chromotherapy lightbox colors

The Natures Energies Chromotherapy Light Box is second to no other chromotherapy light delivery system, in that it utilizes a harmonizer to adjust light to a healing wavelength safe for bodily organs. No need for precise color wavelength for healing frequency in this system; just select the color and bath in the light for 5-15 minutes to receive the healing benefits of chromotherapy as described.

Probably the best thing about the Color Therapy Lights is that there is no requirement to change filtration gels (which often don't match precise frequency requirements anyhow). There is only the one lightbox, and you select any color of the rainbow using your easy to use remote control.

The Natures Energies Chromotherapy Light Box is a powerful color therapy treatment system that not only delivers colored light with a powerful output, it also features a unique harmonizer where the light delivered harmonizes with the bodily organ frequencies.
You no longer have the requirement with this system of having to match precise color frequencies for treatment to be delivered to your patient. You simply dial the color that you want through a remote control, and then allow your patient to bath in the light for 5-15 minutes. It does not matter if there is variation in the color. In this system, green is therapy green, yellow is therapy yellow and blue is therapy blue and so on. With the unique harmonizer, that chosen color will work!
Photonic energy will be delivered via meridian points to areas deeper within the body. No need to learn positioning of acupuncture points or other complex chromotherapy methods. This system is designed to be simple and it is just that.
Probably the best thing about this lightbox is that there is no requirement to change filtration gels (which often don't match precise frequency requirements anyhow). There is only the one lightbox, and you select any color of the rainbow using your easy to use remote control.
The chromotherapy lightbox can either be placed on a shelf or a stand close to your patient, or you can use the screws that come with the lightbox to attach it to a wall or other supporting piece. Simply plug the 12V power supply into the back of the unit (requires a mains feed of 110-240V) and you are ready to start.
remote1Remote Control
Use the remote control to turn the lightbox on/off, to select your color, to adjust the brightness, or even to select an automated color sequencing program. You can even switch on white light between sessions.
The remote control uses 3 x AAA batteries (not provided with the unit).
Advanced Mutispectral LED Technology
The chromotherapy lightbox utilizes advanced multispectral LED technology and has a lifetime of over 20000 hours. No need to change lightbulbs and little need for any maintenance other than occasionally changing the batteries in your remote control unit. There are multiple variable color LED lights inside of the chromotherapy light box, delivering a maximum total output of 1980 lumens. That is almost too bright to look at on maximum output so be careful looking directly at it! Eve though it is safe to look at, there may be after image similar to when you look into a bright light when you look away from it.
offSample Outputs
Have a look at the following pictures to view sample output from the chromotherapy light box. In the example shown, the therapist has the lightbox mounted onto the wall above a massage table, ready to treat the patient as shown in the smaller image to the left. Have a look below at the powerful output from the unit for each of the colors regularly used in chromotherapy;


Color Therapy Lightbox Remote ControlAfter mounting the unit onto a wall, a hook or a remote stand, and after plugging in the power lead, you are ready to begin your therapy sessions. Note: Ensure that the power lead is firstly plugged into the electrical wall socket, before plugging the socket into the connection on the rear of the unit.

Remote Control Unit

To use the unit, you will need to understand how to use the remote control unit. After adding 3 x AAA batteries, you are ready to go.

  1. Power on the light box unit by pointing the remote at the lightbox, and pressing the button labeled C.
  2. orange brightOrange Dim

    Adjust the brightness level coming from the box to a level that you are comfortable with using the 2 buttons marked D. The top button dims the brightness, whereas the bottom button increases the brightness. The 2 images to the right show the same color orange, one dim and the other maximum brightness.
  3. Select the color you would like by pressing the color dial surrounding A. You are able to slide your finger upon this dial to change between colors. This unit effectively gives you all colors of a visible rainbow. As discussed above, if there is a little variation in the color, then the harmonizer on the unit will adjust output making it totally stress free. There is no need to get a precise color with the harmonization feature. Tips for selecting correct colors:  It is recommended that you select the color while holding the remote under white light, where you are able to see the color that you are selecting (particularly important when distinguishing between magenta, indigo and violet). It is also recommended that you select the colors with the lowest brightness level using the D buttons, which allows you to see the color that you are selecting clearly.
  4. Button B is used to automatically change colors. There are  4 different programs to select from. Each time you press button B, a new program will start (see FAQ section for a description of the automated programs). Using this device for chromotherapy, you will probably never use this feature. To cancel the selected program and go back to normal operation, press button E twice (if this does not work, press button B twice).
  5. To treat a patient using the lightbox, we recommend that they strip down to their underclothes for maximum exposure of the skin, and then lie under the light for 5-15 minutes with eyes closed (you may wish to muscle test or dowse for the time needed). If you are starting out using this unit, it is better to begin with shorter times rather than a long exposure times which could lead to an overexposure. Overexposure can result in some physical symptoms becoming apparent, such as an overloaded lymphatic system resulting in coughing and phlegm, or other unusual patterns of physical discomfort.
  6. Adjust the brightness of the lights as well to the comfort of the patient (this too can be dowsed) using the buttons labeled D. Some people prefer to use the unit while they are sitting down reading a book, or while working at a computer. Simply point the light towards the patient and treat them using chromotherapy. Others may be directed through the practitioners diagnosis to expose only part of the body to a specific color (e.g., forearm only).
  7. Instruct the patient that if they feel uneasy or discomfort, or if they feel that they have had enough, to use the remote to power off the unit.
  8. If you power the unit on with button C, and then press button E once, you will get a flashing white light. To stop the flashing, simply press the top button D once to dim the light slightly and the flashing will stop. You can adjust the brightness by using either of the D buttons.
  9. To power off the unit, press button C.
Note: The above instructions are a concise guide to operating the remote. The complete operating guide for the remote as provided by the manufacturer can be accessed by clicking here. It shows some other functionalities such as resetting the remote, recalibration of the remote for the light unit (useful if you are using more than one unit), as well as specifications. It is unlikely that you will need it, but can come in handy if you run into any technical or functionality issues. Note that in the manual it talks about pairing the remote with the unit. This will ONLY work if you are trying to link a new remote control to your unit. If your remote is already paired, the procedure will NOT work. Also, unpairing as described in the manual no longer works on current systems. Users would never have the requirement of unpairing a remote control with their unit.


  • External Dimensions: 310 x 240 x 35mm (Actual lightscreen measures 250 x 180mm). 
  • Colour: very strong RGB SMD light Load 120 degree angle
  • Automatic color change 15 programs by button(optional)
  • Net Weight (Kg) : 1.3
  • Input voltageDC(V) 12v. Uses a 110-240V power supply with a 3.7m lead. Suitable for use in all countries worldwide. The unit is provided with a power adaptor plug suitable for your country electrical power point configuration, allowing you to "plug and play" right away.
  • Power : ≤28W
  • Absolutely flicker free
  • 20,000 hours of life time-maintenance-free. According to the manufacturer, after using for 8hr straight, do not use for 4hr in order to maximize LED lifetime.

Includes Multicolor Lightbox, Power Supply, Power Adaptor Plug Suitable for your Country, Remote Control and Instructions.

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Connie A.
I recommend this product

Chromotherapy light

Item is beautiful, I love the full spectrum that it gives. It took longer than estimated to arrive, and the back of it has screws that were out and the holes were to big to get them to stay in. For me I attached it to the inside of my infrared sauna, so it was not a huge issue, however for the cost of the item, I expected perfection. I should have contacted the company, but sometimes that is more work than I was able to follow through on.

Dana P.


My Chromotherapy Light Box arrived quickly and as described. The colours are beautiful and vibrant. Thank you for a quality product.



The only thing that can make it better is to supply an extendable mounting arm, possibly a tripod.



Cool thing, nice it has a pilot to control. Since it is a gift, person using it is really happy! Thank you!



The chromotheraphy light box is fantastic! I’ve used it several times during reiki sessions on clients as an added bonus and the results were very positive for each of them. Color therapy is a great way to recharge and reduce stress. I highly recommend this product. The people at Nature’s Engeries were extremely helpful and the service was great. Thank you for having wonderful products for all of us.

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