Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel

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The color therapy decoder wheel is a handy reference which provides practical information to patients and practitioners alike about color, as well as each of the colors association with the following areas;

  • Personality
  • Chakras
  • Seasonal Colors
  • Healing Properties

Each of the above attributes are conveniently spread across rotating information wheels, which are easy to rotate and to refer to.

As an example, the color personality wheel asks you to study the colors on the wheel for a while until you find your preferred colors. You then turn the wheel to the colors selected to reveal information about your personality. Each of the other 3 color wheels decodes information about the chakras, seasonal colors and healing properties associated with the various colors.

Through rotating each of the wheels, you are able to obtain a color analysis as well as other important color information.

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Susan A.

The Colour Therapy Decoder Wheel holds lots of information and is a good tool to used along with the Colour Therapy Torch. Very pleased with the purchase.

Angela S.

The colour therapy decoder wheel is a marvelous tool to use. It gives clear information about Personality, Chakras, Seasonal Colors and Healing Properties. The wheel rotates to show all the different attributes. It makes a good talking point with clients and offers lots of info to get your teeth into. Really pleased with it. I use it in combination with the chromotherapy torch and crystal light balancing therapy.

Lynda Parker U.S.A

The information and colors in the decoder are excellent, although I do think it might be better if it could be made from much thicker it tends to bend when you try to turn the circle...I know this will increase the manufacturing costs and therefore retail cost...but a piece of equipment like this would have a lot of use...thumbing, turning, bending. A much stouter, rigid laminated card would be good.

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