Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course

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Learn the art of healing through color therapy - a natural therapy skill which will enrich your ability to align energy centres to achieve balance and well being. The course is designed for both practitioners and beginners alike. 

The Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course instructs in an enlightening and fascinating modality of healing brought forward from Atlantean teachings, using kinesiology, chromotherapy, gem essences, and circular polarisation of energy through crystals. Students will work with a client to locate and balance energy flow disturbances to the 14 major organs in the body. Locate and balance emotions which create the energy blockage. Have a working knowledge of Chinese 5 element theory, chi energy flow, color associated with each of the organs and the healing properties of each color. Also gain knowledge on 18 of the gem essence remedies, and learn how to perform accurate muscle tests (commonly used by kinesiologists) to improve your diagnostic skills. You will be able to practice professionally by the end of this course if so desired.

CDCourse contains: Crystal light balancing and chromotherapy workbook in eBook form as well as the complete course presented on DVDs. Your eBook files are on a CD which can easily be read on your computer, and it also contain test papers (may be printed out and posted back or submitted via email or online), kinesiology diagrams (to assist your muscle testing skill), crystal light balancing flow charts, meridian charts and acupressure checking points chart, as well as brochures. You will also find your unique authorization code on the eBook (for accrediting your hours towards further certificates/diplomas if required). Note: You will need to buy the Chromotherapy Torch to effectively work with this system of healing.

At the completion of the course, students are required to return their test papers, along with a security code number (found inside the kit) as well as a donation to the college for marking the test papers (any amount large or small is accepted). The test papers are then marked and returned with their certificate and their results are recorded with Renascent, The International College of Intuitive Sciences and The International College of Gem Essences for accreditation.

Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Generally, the course can be completed in several days, depending on the time you allocate each day. The 2 DVDs consist of 280 mins of video lectures. If you were to allocate an evening to studying each of the 2 DVDs, and then several evenings to reading the workbook, you could complete it in one week. If you need to go over the material again, it could take another week. At the end of the course, you are required to complete a 2 hour test, which comes with the course.

Is this course accredited and will I be able to practice professionally?

The Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course is accredited, and when you receive your certificate you will be qualified to practice color therapy.

The course is recognised by "Renascent", "The International College of Intuitive Sciences" (ICIS), "The International College of Gem Essences" (ICGE), "The International Institute for Complementary Therapists" (IICT), OAMPS Insurance Brokers and Insurance House (allowing you to purchase an inexpensive practitioner insurance policy internationally as part of a group buying power if desired).

Example: If you live for instance in Australia, with IICT membership (International Institute of Complementary therapists), you may also apply to "The Australian Traditional Medical Society" (ATMS) as a practitioner as a member of these societies you may be eligible to be supplied with a health provider number. With IICT registration, this will also allow you to purchase a bulk discounted OAMPS package if required (around $120 year).

Insurance House (underwritten by Lloyds of London) allows you to receive a discounted price (as part of a bulk package) with the certificate that qualifies you as a practitioner.

With your certification, (some companies may require a provider number) you will be able to provide a receipt for your patients, which will allow them to receive a rebate should they have private health cover that recognises the modalities you are qualified in (this varies between insurance companies).

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Angela S.

The Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. All the info required to complete the course was included; two teaching/demonstration videos, Manual, test papers and so on. A step by step approach made the course easy for me to understand. I am now a qualified Crystal Light Balancing Practitioner. I love what I do and my clients benefit.

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