Dzambhala Wealth God Statue

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Guardian and Protector of Wealth and Lord of Water

Dzambhala, is also known as Jambala, Kuvera and Vais’ravana.

He is the Buddhist guardian of all wealth, spiritual and material. He protects from the suffering of poverty, be it spiritual or material. Dzambhala carries in his hand a fruit which is said to be a lemon (jambhara) which represents "bearing the fruits” of our efforts by gaining spiritual wealth through the teachings of Buddha. In his left hand he holds the jewel spouting mongoose to symbolise good fortune about to come.

Dzambhala is rotund and well fed, which was a sign of wealth and wellbeing in ancient times.

When we are blessed with spiritual and physical wealth, we are then able to practice generosity diligently and accumulate virtuous deeds. Wealth and abundance is not just monetary as we can give charity in the form of time, patience and compassion to other sentient beings with the intention of enriching another’s life, and therefore enriching our own life.

Antique Gold Color; Height: 120 x Width: 75 x Depth: 65mm

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Jan A.

A beautiful ornament

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