Five Corners - Australian Bush Flower Essence Stock Bottle Remedy - 15mL

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Five Corners

Negative Condition:

• low self esteem
• dislike of self
• crushed, held-in personality
• clothing drab and colourless
Positive Outcome:

• love and acceptance of self
• celebration of own beauty
• joyousness

This tall, proud shrub gets its name from its fruit which has five corners. Five corners corresponds with the anatomical position of arms and legs spread with the fifth point being the head. This remedy allows the vital energy to flow through and to, these five centres. When this happens a person feels good and strong in themselves. They feel their energy and their beauty. The remedy resolves low self esteem, lack of confidence and self love. In the negative mode the person will appear crushed and 'held in'.

Preparation of Dosage Bottles

Place seven (7) drops of Stock Essence into a 15ml to 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Five Corners Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedy

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Chrstine H.
Very Effective

I feel this is a great uplifting remedy when treating self esteem issues.

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