Golden Fuk Luk Sau Statues - Fu Lu and Shou Statues

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The combination of these three gods are considered auspicious Gods for Chinese Buddhists around the world. The three gods should be placed in an area which is higher than tables as a mark of honor, they can also be placed in an area where the whole family gathers together. They are said to symbolize certain constellations in the heavens and are acknowledged at certain months of the year.

The Star God Fu represents happiness and hope for the future. He is sometimes called Fu Hsing and is worshipped on the 20th day of the 7th moon. The God of happiness at times holds the symbol of a child signifying innocence and happiness.

Lu is the God of prosperity, he holds a gold ingot symbolizing wishes of prosperity and good fortune for the present and the future. He is also seen at times holding the scepter of power and affluence. Lu symbolizes the opportunity to better ones self and receive high rewards. He should be placed in the center of the 3 gods.

The final Star God of Health and Longevity is called Shou, (Canopus in the constellation of Argo). He is recognized by his large head and he carries a peach in one hand which only blossoms once every three thousand years symbolizing immortality. It is considered lucky to wed in the month that the peach tree blossoms, signifying a long marriage.

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Sharon R.
Very Happy ...

Beuatiful feng shui ornaments!

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