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The Homeopathy Mini chart introduces 36 of the most common homeopathic substances and makes it possible to gain an insight into the ways of homeopathy. The chart is double sided (18 remedies each side) and includes information on the following homoeopathic remedies;

  1. Aconite
  2. Allium
  3. Apis
  4. Arnica
  5. Belladona
  6. Bellis
  7. Bryonia
  8. Cal. Phos
  9. Camphor
  10. Carbo Veg.
  11. Chamomilla
  12. China
  13. Cimicifuga
  14. Colocynthis
  15. Conium
  16. Cuprum Met.
  17. Drosera
  18. Euphrasia
  1. Ferrum Phos.
  2. Gelsemium
  3. Hamamelis
  4. Hepar Sulph.
  5. Hypericum
  6. Ignatia
  7. Ipecac
  8. Kali Bich.
  9. Kali Phos.
  10. Ledum
  11. Lycopodium
  12. Nux Vomica
  13. Pulsatilla
  14. Rhus Tox.
  15. Ruta Brav.
  16. Sepia
  17. Spigelia
  18. Urtica

Each homoeopathic remedy is conveniently presented displaying the following information;

  • Remedy Origin
  • Parts Used (e.g., parts of a specific plant)
  • Condition characteristics
  • Personality characteristics connected with remedy substance
  • Typical conditions treated with the remedy

The chart is protected with a plastic coating for durability and long term use.

The Homoeopathy Mini Chart measures 9.25 x 6.25" (235 x 160mm) in size.

Note: The low resolution image shown has been purposely provided to protect copyright content of the chart. The chart you will receive is in an easy to read high resolution format.

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Patrick G.

A good quick reference to have available.

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