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Chinese I Ching coins, used for casting in I Ching readings, or by Feng Shui consultants for implementing "cures" into problem dwellings.

Did you know .... Did you know ....
  • A pathway of coins glued to the paving, leading to the front door, or placed around the door (in sight or not) invites wealth and abundance into the home or business.
  • Tied together the coins may be used for many abundance remedies.
  • Another way they can be used is by placing one I-Ching coin into each of 4 red envelopes. Then, place the red envelopes in the four corners of your desk or room, where they will not be noticed by others, to increase abundance and wealth.
  • I-Ching coins can be used as amulets to ward of evil and disease. In ancient times, they were commonly worn by children (one coin added each year until the age of 15) after being first placed on a deity for blessing e.g., Laughing Buddha or Quan Yin.
Let your creativity flow. Remember to always display I-Ching coins with the Yang side facing up. The Yang side has four Chinese characters whereas the Yin side has two. I-Ching Coin

The coins measure 24mm in diameter.

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Arthur F.

Very happy with my purchase.

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