Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Home Unit

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Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Home Unit

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Includes an adaptor plug suitable for your country

Description Dimension (cm) Weight (Kg)
Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Home Unit 19 x 50 x 43 3.6
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Good compact product for home use. Fair price and delivered promptly.

Roberta C.

I purchased my own Detox Foot Spa as I have been paying for a visit once a week, and by getting my own, I have been able to do it 3 times a week, which more than pays for the cost to own my own. I have had 2 major spinal operations and because of trapped nerves, looked like I would need a third operation, but I have had so much relief that I cancelled having the operation. Since starting the treatments I am back to walking 6km every morning which is a bonus. Not only was I pleased with the very fast delivery time of my unit.

Natalie, W.

Although I have only had my machine 6 months, I think it is wonderful, as by using it and taking an Alkalizer I have cured ..... yes cured my Coeliac Disease - which was diagnosed by a blood test 4 1/2 years ago.


I’ve been treating my sister with the Detox Foot Spa, she’s on her 9th treatment now. For as long as I can remember she’s had “Halitosis”. She has tried everything to eliminate it but nothing worked, not even Colonics cured it. I’ve not smelt bad breath on her for almost 3 weeks now. It is vitally important that you drink pure rain water or distilled water continuously throughout the treatments, at least 2L a day to eliminate moving toxins from the body.

June, B.

"I suffer from bad pain in my back due to major surgery for spina bifida. I have to take strong pain tablets, 200mg Tramol twice a day. My body feels like I am an 80 year old. I tried the Detox Foot Spa and to my astonishment, my body felt young and agile. I am able to cut my pain tablets by half.

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