Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Professional Unit

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Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Professional Unit. Suitable for professional Spas and Salons.

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Description Dimension (cm) Weight (Kg)
Ionic Foot Spa Body Detoxification - Professional Unit 27 x 53 x 42 4.3
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June, B.

I suffer from bad pain in my back due to major surgery for spina bifida. I have to take strong pain tablets, 200mg Tramol twice a day. My body feels like I am an 80 year old. I tried the Detox Foot Spa and to my astonishment, my body felt young and agile. I am able to cut my pain tablets by half.


I’ve been treating my sister with the Detox Foot Spa, she’s on her 9th treatment now. For as long as I can remember she’s had “Halitosis”. She has tried everything to eliminate it but nothing worked, not even Colonics cured it. I’ve not smelt bad breath on her for almost 3 weeks now. It is vitally important that you drink pure rain water or distilled water continuously throughout the treatments, at least 2L a day to eliminate moving toxins from the body.

Natalie, W.

Although I have only had my machine 6 months, I think it is wonderful, as by using it and taking an Alkalizer I have cured ..... yes cured my Coeliac Disease - which was diagnosed by a blood test 4 1/2 years ago.

Michael H.

I would highly recommend to any business or individual who is thinking of purchasing a Detox Footbath. We have been using them in our business for the past 18 months and the results we have achieved have been amazing. Anything from skin conditions, migraines, gout, joint relief, cold & flu relief, insomnia and much much more...

Roberta C.

I purchased my own Detox Foot Spa as I have been paying for a visit once a week, and by getting my own, I have been able to do it 3 times a week, which more than pays for the cost to own my own. I have had 2 major spinal operations and because of trapped nerves, looked like I would need a third operation, but I have had so much relief that I cancelled having the operation. Since starting the treatments I am back to walking 6km every morning which is a bonus. Not only was I pleased with the very fast delivery time of my unit.

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