Kabbalah Tree Of Life Tuning Fork Set - Unweighted

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Kabbalah Tuning Fork Set - Unweighted

The kabbalah tree of life tuning fork set has 12 forks . It is also called the sephiroth set. The kabbalah tree of life has 10 sephirah. The 1st 10 tuners are for each of them. The 11th tuner is for the non-visible da'ath. The 12th tuner is the lightening flash which reunites all life that is manifested. Kabbalists believe the tree of life to be a diagramatic representation of the process by which the universe came into being. Keter - the crown. This is root of the tree, where light first becomes manifest. To the kabbalists, it symbolises that point beyond which our comprehension of the origins of being cannot go. It symbolizes the spirit of god and divine will. Chokmah - wisdom. It is often thought of as pure dynamic energy of an infinite intensity forever propelled forth at a speed faster than light.. Binah - understanding. Which is thought of as the primordial feminine energy, the supernal mother of the universe which receives the energy of chokmah, cooling and nourishing it into the multitudinous forms present throughout the whole cosmos. Chesed - mercy or loving kindness. Chesed can be properly described as an act that has no "cause.". It is the initiator of interaction geburah - strenght/justice/judgement. It is associated in the soul with the power to restrain one's innate urge to bestow goodness upon others, when the recipient of that good is judged to be unworthy and liable to misuse it. As the force which measures and assesses the worthiness of creation, geburah is also referred to in kabbalah as midat hadin ("the attribute of judgment"). It is the restraining might of geburah which allows one to overcome his enemies, be they from without or from within tiphareth - beauty/balance/miracles. Resting in the center of the tree of life, tiphareth is the heart of the tree. It is associated with divine love, with healing, balance and harmony. Netzach - victory/perpetualty/eternity. Netzach is "endurance ,the fortitude and patience to follow through.

Audio Recording of each Tuning Fork in the Kit

Tuning Fork Label Recorded Sound
Binah Listen Now
Gevurah Listen Now
Yesod Listen Now
Chokmah Listen Now
Genesis Listen Now
Malkhut Listen Now
Netzach Listen Now
Tiferet Listen Now
Hod Listen Now
Chesed Listen Now
Keter Listen Now
Da'at Listen Now

Note: The recorded sounds may include other sounds from the environment in which they were recorded e.g., birds sounds, car sounds, reversing truck sounds, dogs barking, cracking sounds from wind or from room heating up or cooling down etc.

Comes in attractive velvet bag

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Bert S.
Good Quality

These are good quality tuning forks.

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