Leo Zodiac Pendant

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Crafted from High Quality Stainless Steel, in real life this pendant will be sure to impress!

People carrying the sign of Leo were born between July 23 and August 23

If your birthday is in Leo

A high, leadership position, the center of the stage, the applause of the crowd are matters of happy delight for you. You love to manage things, to be an authority.

Warm generosity allows you to help many and this gratifies your need for happiness. You like your opinion to be the basis for action by others, your word to be law in family matters.

A responsible position in community or church concerns make you happy and you do your best to win honors thus.

You’re at the peak of happiness when you know you have a band of admiring, loyal friends.

Using talents to entertain and win praise is another source of happiness for you to tap.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Stainless Steel Shiny Metallic 4.1 cm Length x 2.2 cm Width. Thickness 1.2 mm 16

Pendant comes with a 55cm stainless steel chain included.

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Adolf S.

I love my new pendant - looks good.

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