Lightworkers Healing Method Instructional Video - Level Four: Lightbeing Connections

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A Core Curriculum Energy Healing Class
Recorded live, Tampa FL, November, 2013
Total Length: 7 hours, 47 minutes
All video presented as downloadable .zip files (files can be unzipped for easy viewing as .mp4 files on your computer using free software available from here).
Lynn McGonagill, Instructor
We will present ourselves to the Lightbeings and ask them to use us as channels to heal the people around us. We will meet and experience many of the different types of Angels and Lightbeings that support life on Earth. They may include: Miners, Magnetic Services, Medics, Faerie Folk (Tiny Hands People), Screenmasters, Cordmasters, Spearmasters, Tailors, Rescue Spirits of the Light, Musicians, Construction Crew, Toxic Waste Disposers, Engineers of Light, Timekeepers, Protective Angels, Healing Angels and more.
Experiential as well as informational, this is a beautiful, transformative weekend of transmissions, breakthroughs and practice. After the transmissions occur, you will be able to practice with the Lightbeings and Angels.
Again, please come to this energy healing class come with intentions for your own growth and healing.
This is the final class of the core curriculum. After this Level Four event, please explore our higher-level classes. This is a progressive curriculum. Classes must be taken in numerical order.
View the class videos. Step into JOY. Live your Soul Plan. You can do it. You can! And what's more, by working together, each doing our part, the world transforms. It's true! Onward to the goal: ALL of us living our own individual soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works!
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L N.

The blessing oil and Pain Relief balm are very good but I'm astonished beyond measure about your Chi Energy Balm that I purchased from you on previous order. I give this one 10 stars out of 5! Not only smells like heaven but it takes pain away on contact and protects against others' energies.

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