Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course - Level 1

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Medical Qi Gong Correspondence Course - Level 1

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Sharon C.
Very Informative

The instruction in this course is second to none. Daryll Mitchell gives full instruction leaving nothing unexplained. I am very happy with levels 1, 2 and 3.

Carla C.

The information is very good. But there DVD does not play in America on my television. I bought two of there courses neither one would play. I contacted the seller, which contacted there distributor to send me a link to download on my computer what a big hassle. DVDs are made all over the world that I have purchased all of them have always played. I was told that this has happened to other customers. Instead of fixing the problem with however they made the video they bandage the problem. I payed a lot of money for a physical DVD that worked. I don’t want to watch on my computer. How are you able to perform and follow the exercises on a person when my computer is in the other room Hello! I hope they fix the problem send me new DVDs that work

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