Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin Amulet For Speculative Luck

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Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin Amulet For Speculative Luck

"People who often try their luck in lotteries, horse racing, stock market & football bets should own this amulet"

This replica of unusually shaped lock coin dated back to the Ming Dynasty was designed as an amulet to enhance one's speculative and gambling luck. People who often try their luck in lotteries, horse racing, stock market, 4-digits, football bets and casinos should own this amulet. Carry it in your pocket, hang it in your car or place it with your investment portfolio, lotteries ticket etc. The Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin Amulet magnifies windfall luck and brings surprising yield in your speculative affairs. The Lock coin has the Chinese characters "Jin Yi Liang" literally meaning "one ounce of gold", as well as the characters "Nan Bu Ma Shi" meaning the horse racing tracks and stock market in the south..

Here is how you can use the Nanbu Lock Coin Amulet to enhance your speculative luck magnifier:

  1. Carry one with you in your pocket, bag or briefcase when you go out or hang it in the car to ensure you are always being charged with good speculative luck and end that long losing streak.
  2. Hang the Nanbu Lock Coin amulet on the inside of your doorknob of your main door or bedroom so that whenever you open the door, you are being filled with speculative luck.
  3. Hang this tassel in the universal wealth corner SouthEast, your sheng chi direction based on your Kua number or where the water star-8 is located in your home or workplace to magnify your windfall and speculative luck.
  4. Place the Nanbu Lock Coin together with your share portfolio and certificates and lottery tickets to increase chances of multiplying gains.
Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Brass Brass 2.25x2.25x0.125, Length 8 / 5.7x5.7x0.3, 20.3 0.09 / 40
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Peter S.

I always carry one of these when I place a bet. I call it my mojo.

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