Orgone Geoclense with Type D Adaptor Plug Attachment

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  • The most powerful geopathic stress device ever built!
  • For average sized homes, large homes, and buildings.
  • Protects the building as well as the grounds surrounding the building.
  • There is no limit to the size of the property. You can be in a small flat or a large farm with hundreds of hectares of land and it will all be fully protected.
  • Plug it into ANY power point in your home (does not need to be centrally located).

The ultimate geomancy harmonizer which will harmonize ALL grid lines and geopathic stress from your home or office at the flick of a switch!

The Geoclense harmonizes all Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation in buildings. To activate the Geoclense simply plug it into any power point in your home or office. If your electrical wall socket has a power switch, ensure it is switched on (note that there is no switch located on the Geoclense device). Your entire home will immediately become geopathic stress free.

Orgone Geoclense InstructionThere are 14 different forms of geopathic stress and the Geoclense is the only known device which will harmonize every single one of them! The Geoclense was developed by professional geomancers and EMF consultants over many years. Many other devices on the market will typically only handle 3 forms of geopathic stress, and they can cost as much as $1000. Research has also shown that many of them work inefficiently reducing geopathic stress by 30%. The Geoclense device is 100% effective.

The Geoclense works by harmonizing the electrical wiring circuit with Negative Ions to balance the Positive Ions. The Geoclense also increases the presence of Photons in the atmosphere.

Photon presence coupled with Negative Ions, is believed to increase the amount of oxygen in the air, which is vital for our wellbeing. Positive Ions decreases Photon levels and also decreases oxygen levels. That is very evident by the heavy sickly feeling in the chest or abdomen area when the Geoclense is turned off.

Positive Ions, which is known as a noxious unhealthy energy is naturally created when there is current passing through the electrical circuit.

The Geoclense also harmonizes any noxious energy emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit. Because EMR is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Benker Grids and Water Veins, Geopathic Stress is also completely harmonized within the building(s), which the Geoclense is operating.

Even though the power point switch is turned on, the Geoclense is not using any electricity but is neutralizing it simply accessing the electrical circuit, making the Geoclense completely safe to use. When the device is switched on, within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer and the well being of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment.

The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties. This means not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well!

A good example of the Geoclense efficiency being, having recently holidayed at an 11-story apartment building, which had four mobile phone panels on its roof - the equivalent of staying in a Mobile Phone Tower. The presence of the phone panels virtually made the building uninhabitable due to the extremely noxious Electromagnetic energies created by the phone panels.

Immediately upon arrival in our room we plugged in the Geoclense, and within seconds the Electromagnetic Radiation and Earth Magnetic Radiation from the Benker grids were cleared, producing healthy Negative Ions as opposed to dangerous Positive Ions that were present before plugging in the Geoclense. In fact the whole building and the surrounding area was harmonized!

Read what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says about how EMF and RF frequencies effect our health.

What are Negative Ions?

You can read more specific detail about what negative ions really are, how they affect our health and the scientific research that has gone into positive and negative ions by clicking here.

"The geoclense has evolved to being much more than just a powerful radiation harmonizer. Over the years there are so many more built in programs that deal with negative energy imprints, things that you are often not aware of affecting your psyche, mood and ultimately your long term health. Geoclense is a must have for every family." G. Bini, Developer of the Geoclense

Orgone Geoclense Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Light Green 3.6x2x0.68 / 9x5x1.7 0.19 / 88


Types of Geopathic Stress Dealt with by the Geoclense

Geoclense Competitive Devices
Negative Effects Eliminated by the Geoclense Device? Negative Effects Eliminated by charged metal plates? Negative Effects Eliminated by EMF filters? Negative Effects Eliminated by Holographic Imaging Technology? Negative Effects Eliminated by orgonite
based devices?
Earth Magnetic Grid Lines Earth magnetic grid lines or ley lines are known as standing waves of electromagnetic energy, emanating from the ground and high into the atmosphere. Some of the different types include Hartman, Curry, Benker, Cathie and 400M grids lines, which vary from around 300mm wide as with the Hartman grid, to 6metres wide as with the 400metre grid lines.
(Only if plates are correctly placed)
Electromagnetic Radiation A strong source of dangerous positive ion produced by our electrical systems and appliances. Some appliances create very strong and large electromagnetic fields such as washing machines, fridges and multi point power boards. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is measured in milligauss using a device known as a gauss meter. In countries where the governments are concerned with the wellbeing of the people and the effect of EMR on their health, milligauss readings from electrical systems have guidelines to ensure that people are not exposed to readings of 4 milligauss maximum. It is known that EMR readings of above 4 Milligauss have been known to cause childhood leukaemia and cancer in adults. There is also scientific evidence that high exposure to EMR with women can cause a dramatic drop in melatonin levels and a link to breast cancer.
(Only partly)
Underground Flowing Water, Sewerage and Grey Water Underground flowing water, water veins and water flowing through pipes under our living spaces are another source of dangerous positive ions. Water veins resonate at around 13 hertz, and create a noxious energy field to around 1500mm above the
ground. Cats love to sit above water veins because the water veins are around 2 degrees warmer than the ground either side of them. Sewer and grey water create a noxious energy field due to the resonant cavity effect of the water and waste travelling along within the pipes.

(Only if plates are correctly placed)
Seismic Fault Lines Fault lines create Positive Ion fields above ground level in varying widths and directions.
Often they contain the memories and energies of emotional trauma associated with historic massacres. Geomancers and spirit workers with knowledge on how to clear the emotional imprinting within the fault lines, area are easily able to clear the noxious energies from fault lines.
WI FI Fields and Beams Wireless communications of varying types such as mobile phones, wireless Internet, local wireless modems and routers, and even baby monitors all create strong positive Ion beams which link from device to device, and/or to transmission towers. Should any of these beams penetrate a person they can create a feeling of nausea, mental instability and a greatly compromised immune system.
Paranormal Interferences Imprints from the event of the death of a person, and subsequent Spirit Lines create dangerous Positive Ion fields. After someone has passed away, the actual place of transition after the body has been removed creates what is known as a death imprint. A subsequent spirit line may emanate in the north south, or east west directions. Should the person who has passed become stuck on the earth plane as an ethereal being then the spirit of the person is bound to the imprint and spirit line. The danger is when someone spends time over such energy fields, then the spirit has an opportunity to
infect the persons various chakras as an attachment. The infected person can show traits of personality and ailments similar to the spirit when they were alive. Here again, a trained geomancer or spirit worker is able to clear the noxious energy imprints and help
the ethereal being spirit to a higher plane.
Mould and Fungus Mould and Fungal growth both create strong dangerous positive ion fields. We often find mould growing under floor boards, or under old carpets that has been exposed to spillages or other sources of moisture. Poorly ventilated bathrooms and laundries are particularly prone to mould and fungus. The resonance created by mould and fungus can totally overcome the energies of a given space, and again can be a greater danger than EMR from electrical appliances and wiring should you be sensitive to it. The symptoms generally are respiratory complaints and mental instability.
New Noxious Energies of the 21 Century HAARP Beams

These beams we believe are a by product of the military over the horizon radar systems, which are scattered around the world. Their purpose is to be able to see incoming missiles before they come over the horizon during times of conflict. Haarp beams are also possibly an aural research platform, so we are told. However the operation of HAARP creates an intense Radio Frequency beam of around 300mm in diameter which impact the earth every 5 metres square to North, coming in at an angle of around 45
degrees to the ground. These beams are extremely dangerous to our health as we see so many people with systemic health issues in the body which correspond to exactly where these beams have impacted upon their bodies while they are sleeping. We believe that the HAARP Beams have only been around since roughly year 2000.
Personal Beams

Personal Beams, not to be mistaken with personal lines, which are of no real consequence, tend to be abundant wherever you find people sleeping or where they sit for prolonged periods of time. They come vertically up out of the ground, and in the case of sleeping arrangements, run across the neck. Or when sitting, either directly through the chest, or along the length of a couch. They then stop 3 to 5 metres beyond the person being targeted. The Personal Beams are similar to the HAARP beams in size of around 300mm in diameter, however we believe them to be similar to a microwave beam. This is how some researchers who have the ability to see energies perceive them. Again we see many people with systemic health issues from exposure to these beams, especially around the neck and chest as a result of being impacted by them while sleeping. Another interesting complaint is being drained of energy while working on a computer. The assumption there is that the EMR from the PC screen, box and electrical power board. However the real energy drain can be the Personal Beam impacting upon their chest while sitting in front of the PC.
Digital TV

Digital TV's create a dangerous parallel noxious energy beam for up to 400 metres in front of the screen. Here the beam penetrates all matter so if your neighbours Digital TV is facing your living spaces, you will be directly affected by the noxious energy beam. We see many people who since started viewing Digital TV feeling nausea, headaches, drowsiness and lethargy.
Cosmic Radiation Sourced from Cygnus X3
Those that are living in the northern hemisphere are exposed to the constant bombardment of cosmic radiation from a polestar, namely cygnus X3. Study the map below to see if you are exposed to this newly discovered source of geopathic stress;
World Map showing areas vulnerable to Cygnus X3 - Click to Enlarge

Read the article on Cygnus X3 and see how ancient man had knowledge of this dangerous source of radiation from space. The geoclense will not stop the radiation, but through harmonization, it will make it you safe from the negative energy imprints that it would otherwise leave on some of your bodily organs.
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