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The new Bamboo Fiber Orgone Rejuvenation Blanket is available in a light weight Polar Fleece 1600mm x 1100mm in Creamy White

Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves are the natural energy frequencies that occur in nature, where nature has not been disturbed. Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves produce negative ions (the good ions), which is why we always feel better when spending time in nature such as in a forest or on the beach, or even in the garden where negative ions are abundant.

Rejuvenation BlanketOur new highly effective Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create a powerful "Negative Ion" resonance around these amazing new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets. This resonance is the healing component of our new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets, which extends to around 10 metres from these highly effective Orgone Energy Blankets. The frequency octaves we use to create our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are far superior to the original orgone blankets created by layering, which is now deemed to be out-of-date and old technology.

Positive ions (the bad ions) are the ions we want to avoid, and the ions that occur in cities and built up areas. Positive ions are produced by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, cell phones, fluorescent lights, computers, electronic equipment and much other noxious energy. These are the bad ions that we want to avoid or eliminate, which is why we recommend placing Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Generators in homes, offices and workplaces.

These blankets are particularly useful for

  • Pain Relief and Discomfort
  • Athletes of all kinds before, during and after training or competition
  • Especially beneficial for Cancer patients to rejuvenate energy levels after Chemotherapy treatment
  • Recharge your energy levels when depleted
  • Ideal for Natural Therapists and Health Practitioners to wrap clients or patients in during Healing sessions
  • Slows down the body and mind for Relaxation, Meditation and Better Sleep in our fast-paced World
  • Brings about amazing harmony to Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

When someone is unwell with Cancer, Heart Disease or any other illness, this is because the person has accumulated too much positive ions in their body from excessive stress, poor diet, living in cities or not letting go of negative emotions. To assist in bringing the negative ions back into balance into the body, we recommend them to wrap themselves in one of our new and beautifully soft Bamboo Orgone Energy Blanket, to bring the negative ions back into their body and speed up their recovery and healing process. The orgone blankets are particularly useful for patients who have just undergone chemotherapy, to recover energy levels.

Our amazing new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets consist of only one single layer and are made from Bamboo fibres, which is a totally Renewable and Environmentally green resource, making them light and portable.

There is no steel wool or any other heavy materials in our Orgone Energy Blankets as that is extremely old and out dated technology. Our amazing new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets are then light infused with our unique Orgonium technology.

Cleaning the Orgone Blankets

Cold or luke warm hand or machine wash (no more than 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit) without bleach or fabric softeners. Wash separately and clothes line dry only to avoid the accumulation of harmful energies.

Washing your Orgone Blankets will not influence on the dynamics of it, and it will carry on working energetically

Upon doing further research, we found that amazingly soft Bamboo actually works better as Orgone Energy Blankets, and was so much lighter and portable for people to take with them. They can also be placed into a normal washing machine when washing them is required, however, they do need to be hung flat on a clothes line to dry to prevent accumulation, as we do not recommend they be dried in a clothes dryer.

Our amazing new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets have been tested and compared with other Orgone Blankets on the market which cost hundreds of dollars more. Several Kinesiologists verify that our new Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets are superior to the more other expensive models on the market, and they have found that our Bamboo Orgone Energy Blankets work far more efficiently when in use, balancing the body better.

Our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products produce a harmonious energy field or bubble which is produced by our Orgone Products which are consistent Negative Ion Generators. The longer you are in a negative ion energy field the better you will feel, as this energy field will strengthen your body allowing healing to take place, balancing your chakras and sealing your aura, as well as providing protection from paranormal energy frequencies, electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, electrical appliances, and any other noxious energies that produce positive ions which are harmful to us.

All blankets are identified by a unique label, which will prevent you getting them confused with other normal blankets (see the picture to the right).

We know that you will be more than impressed with the level of improvement in your health and well-being, using our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products, made using our unique Orgonium technology.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Soft Light Weight Fleece
Sourced from Bamboo Fibres
Cream 63 x 43 / 160 x 110 29.3 / 831
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This blanket feels like a thin plush blanket with a nice weight to it, but infused with orgone energy. For anyone reading this who's been thinking about buying one of these wait no longer! It's a smaller blanket but VERY comfortable!

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