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If you have you broken or damaged a plasma tube on your Photon Sound Beam unit, Natures Energies has the answer. We provide replacement plasma tubes suitable for most Photon Sound Beam models. Our tubes have a range of connectors to select from making them completely compatible with the unit that you own.

All of the connectors used in our tubes are gold and silver wiring at the connectors, eliminating the need for a special electrode (such as the oxy-gold electrode supplied by some other tube producers).

All of our tubes are made from a special treated boro-silicate glass (similar to Pyrex) found to be the ideal material for these kind of plasma tubes.

The primary gas used in the tubes is Helium, which is considered as the best medium for producing plasma energy. In addition to this, several other gases are added as well but more so for producing impressive colors. It is really the Helium doing most of the work, whereas other gases are more for appearance when the plasma is activated electrically. To summarise the gases in each of the tubes;

  • Straight Tube: Helium, Argon, and Neon
  • Curved Tube: Helium and Argon

As well as being the medium to create the plasma gas, as well as colors, there are some other inherent properties in the inert gases used which might be considered as secondary. You can read about these subtle properties by viewing the Inert Gas Devices.

How to select the right plasma tube for your Photon Sound Beam unit

To choose the right tube for your Photon Sound Beam unit, simply;

  1. select the Connector from the menu above.
  2. select the Tube Shape that you require from the above menu.

To clarify the connectors, click on each of the pictures above to ensure you are getting the right components. All of our tubes come fully assembled, allowing you to simply plug and play on receiving your new tube.

Glass Plasma TubeGlass Plasma Tubes General Information

The glass electrodes are an improvement over the Tesla violet ray tubes discussed earlier. There are 2 of them, one that is sending and one that is grounding. One is straight (filled with Xenon, Argon and Krypton) and the other curved (filled with Argon). The glass electrodes are held, one in each hand, and through holding the tubes this creates a circuit through your entire body. In the Photon Sound Beam Complete, 2 electrical Tesla coils create a bipolar current that is sent by one glass electrode and picked up by the other. A Tesla coil is a low voltage high power radio frequency generator. The frequency signals are thereby fed into the glass tubes which contain a mixture of noble gasses such as argon, helium, neon, krypton, and xenon with special properties in themselves (see inert gas devices). Each electrode has a specific, different balance of gasses.

Glass Electrodes 2When the machine is switched on, you hear a sound coming from the RF Sound Probe as the device pulses on and off. This sets up a wave motion in the body which has a driving effect on the body's lymphatic system which we will discuss later. The glass electrodes in fact glow a bluey purple color, as a result of the excitation effect of the inert gas molecules from the electrical current. The bluey purple light is in fact a plasma. You can see this if you view the electrodes in the dark (see the photo to the right). With each pulse, billions of electrons are thrown off the surface of the glass electrodes and then they flow through the body which has a therapeutic effect upon the individual cells in our body.

The Effect of Modified Electrode Plasma Electrons on Cells

Electrode Plasma Electrons CellsTo explain this, lets look at the cell, its components and how it metabolizes. The cell is composed of an outer Plasma Membrane, and an inner gelatinous core which consists of sub-components such as mitochondria that are responsible for metabolizing energy.

Plasma MembraneThe Plasma Membrane is primarily negatively charged on one side and positively charged on the other side as shown in the diagram. This creates a potential difference similar to a battery. There are over 70 trillion cells in your body doing this and the charge on each healthy cell membrane is in fact creating a current of around 70mV. As we age or as depletion or disease occurs, we begin to lose the charge on the cell membrane, and in fact this charge decreases sometimes to as low as 20mV. As the charge on the cell membrane declines aging or more importantly degenerative diseases occur. Once cells lose their electrons, it loses its integrity and the cell starts to breakdown.

The Photon Sound Beam provides electrons to the cell membranes, raising the potential again to make a healthy cell.

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Excellent Customer Service!

Greg was very responsive and kept me informed about when the product would ship, and I even got it faster than expected. The item works perfectly on my machine!

Karen D.
Thank you

Thank you for the good customer service, and for providing a replacement tube for my unit. I'd be lost without someone being able to make these replacement tubes.

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