Pisces Zodiac Pendant

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Crafted from High Quality Stainless Steel, in real life this pendant will be sure to impress!

People carrying the sign of Pisces were born between February 19th and March 20th

If your birthday is in Pisces

You like the quiet happiness of knowing you are loved and understood.
You need to be appreciated and your emotions must be treated with great sympathy. You also like to advance the lot of others, bringing more justice to the world pleases you, and if you can work in medical fields to relieve suffering you will know great happiness.
Giving your attention to the underprivileged can make you happy.
You must find friends who share your interests in expansive causes and are cheerfully active to bring about better conditions. Developing an artistic skill can bring new happiness; if you haven’t done this it is time to take such a step.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Stainless Steel Shiny Metallic 4.1 cm Length x 2.2 cm Width. Thickness 1.2 mm 16

Pendant comes with a 55cm stainless steel chain included.

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Nigel M.
Good Quality

Very happy with my purchase.

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