Sacred Geometry - Silver Gaia Terra Prana Star

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The Gaia Terra Prana Star is one of the stars of immortality. It is positioned in the soul covenant as both the source and the reality of the Tree of Knowledge.

The Tree of Knowledge is that part of the immortal aspect of the Covenant that defines the human as the full expression of Divine Androgyny. It holds the full spectrum potential of the emancipated human procreative ability - the ability to procreate outside of the birth/life/death cycle that is part of the present dualistic paradigm. It is through the Gaia Terra Prana star that one is able to mirror the tree of knowledge with the effect of bridging the dimensions.

It is through the realization of this emancipated sexual identity that the unborn, eternal race will come into being.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Sterling Silver Silver Diameter: 1.73 / 4.4 0.5 / 15
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Candy F.
Good Quality

I am amazed at how well this has been made by hand.

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