Scorpio Zodiac Pendant

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Crafted from High Quality Stainless Steel, in real life this pendant will be sure to impress!

People carrying the sign of Scorpio were born between October 24 and November 24

If your birthday is in Scorpio

You are quite a force in the world, bring splendid skills and mentality to all you do.
You are a worker, happy when busy with worthwhile tasks.
You like to feel a sense of power over everything in your environment and this means you must get the confidence of others. Working alone behind the scenes pleases you but to win greatest happiness you should aim for coming out a little more with personality and results of endeavor.
You are intense when in love and emotional gratification is your highest form of happiness. Winning affluence through use of your unequaled financial wisdom is a challenge that also makes you intensely happy.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Stainless Steel Shiny Metallic 4.1 cm Length x 2.2 cm Width. Thickness 1.2 mm 16

Pendant comes with a 55cm stainless steel chain included.