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Snore Free - Magnetic Nose ClipRemove the snoring from YOUR sleep and get a good night's sleep!

The Snore free magnetic nose clip is an effective means by which you can overcoming snoring problems in the bedroom. Snoring not only affects your partners sleep - it can affect your own sleep as well resulting in a poor night's sleep. Do you ever wake in the morning feeling as though you haven't had a good sleep? Snoring could be the issue. The snore free nose clip has been shown as an effective means to stopping snoring.

  • Increases airflow through the nostrils while you sleep
  • Uses magnetic therapy to provide effective airflow
  • Safe, drug-free, inexpensive, and non-invasive
  • Made from germ resistant silicone compound with bound magnetic inserts
Using gentle pressure and magnetic therapy, the Snore-Free Nose Clip assists in opening nasal passages, taking pressure off parts of the throat including the uvula that vibrate and cause snoring. 

How Does the Snore Free Magnetic Nose Clip Work?

Snore free nose clip 5  During a deep sleep, the mouth and the throat muscles are relaxed. The tongue sometimes drops and the vibration of the uvula during the breathing cycle results in snoring.
 Snore free nose clip 6
  1. Expand the flexible top of the “SNORE FREE”.
  2. Gently insert into the nostril ensuring a comfortable fit. Hint: Ensure it is closer to the back of your nose, than the front of your nose (your nose tip) as it will work more effectively when positioned at the back.
  3. Apply slight pressure to ensure the device is seated properly.
For maximum hygiene, it is recommended that after using Snore Free that you wash with soap and water, then store in carry case ready for next use.
 Snore free nose clip 7  “SNORE FREE” is made with pure and non-toxic materials and is prepared through a high tech sterilization process. The front side of the unit is made with rare earth magnet (800+ Gauss).
 Snore free nose clip 8
 “SNORE FREE" effectively stimulates the sensory nerves of the nose.
Hence will now open
Material Color Dimension (mm/inches) Weight (Includes carry case) (oz/g)
Silicone and Neodymium Magnets
(Magnets are enclosed by silicone)
Clip: 19 x 14 x 6 / 0.74" x 0.55" x 0.24"
Case: 9 x 34 x 36 / 0.35" x 1.3" x 1.4"
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The Sore Free Magnetic Clip certainly helped with my husband's snoring. It did not eliminate it but any improvement is a plus.

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