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Space Clearing is a specialised branch of Feng Shui used to clear and purify the stale, stagnant or contaminated chi energies in a home or office environment. Such energies may be as a result of an argument or other such event that may have taken place in the area, leaving a lingering unpleasant chi which in turn affects the room hindering the effect of Feng Shui remedies and the like. Through clearing such energies, one is able to achieve an unhindered flow of harmonious chi energies circulating throughout the building. Feng Shui of specific sectors operates far better, and works more quickly when space clearing has been applied.

There are many methods of space clearing that can be used to clear and purify an environment. One of the simpler, easier techniques to use is through application of the space clearing bell.

The brass space clearing bell available through Natures Energies has a beautiful and pure resonance tone, and is suitable to space clear small to medium rooms (i.e., all of the rooms in most standard sized homes).

The Chi Cleansing Bell produces the pure sound of metal when rung lightly. The lingering and soothing harmonics created by the bell cleanses all space "touched" by the sounds.

A Simple Space Clearing Technique Using the Space Clearing Bell

  1. Stand in the center of the room.
  2. Focus on the task of Chi cleansing in your mind.
  3. Gently ring the bell and feel the vibrations and sounds emanating into all corners of the room, clearing and purifying bad energies.

Some people say that after ringing the bell in the center of the room that you should examine which way the door opens into the room, and that you should walk in this direction through each of the 8 bagua sectors, until you have fully walked in a full circle around the room. Through doing this, the bad energies are said to be "swept" around the room and then out the door.

If you wish to burn an incense as part of the space clearing ritual, you should do this before applying the space clearing bell.

Space clearing should be repeated on a weekly basis for best results.

What to Expect after Space Clearing with the Space Clearing Bell

You may notice, as you walk through your cleansed area, that objects appear to sparkle, and colors seem brighter. You will notice a nicer gentler ambience and a fresh feel to the environment. This is the result of successfully clearing out and purifying stale, stagnant and negative energies.

Material Color Dimension Weight (g)
Brass Brass Diameter: 8cm Height: 16.5cm 329
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