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Designed to help in the exploration of the realm of telekinetic energy, this telekinetic enhancer features a spinning metal top with four arms atop a needle shaft embedded in a pentagram base. The Telekinetic Enhancer is a valuable tool that will allow you to develop your telekinetic abilities by giving you a visible indication of your progress. It is a highly sensitive device that will react to the minute energy fields around the human body.

Crafted of aluminum metal, the spinning rotor measures 2", the pin shaft measures 1-5/8", and the pentagram base measures 1-3/4" in diameter. Made in U.S.A.


To assemble the Telekinetic Enhancer remove the rotor and pin from the box and insert the pin up through the hole in the inside center of the cover, so that the point of the needle is going straight up through the pewter base. Close the box. Place the rotor on the needle so the indentation in the rotor rests on the point of the needle. The rotor should be able to spin freely and easily. Make sure that there are no drafts in the room that might move the rotor. Whenever you are practicing with this device, be careful not to breathe on the rotor or it may move from the heated air produced by your lungs.

Once you start developing your telekinetic abilities and you use the device you will be convinced that the movement of the rotor is not easily explained by science. The rotor does not move by heat radiation from your hands or by air currents. It is not magnetism either because the rotor is made of aluminum.

Exercises to Assist in Developing your Telekinetic Abilities

Step #1

The easiest way to learn to move the rotor is by cupping either hand around the rotor in a half circle and concentrate on turning it in the direction your fingers are pointing. The rotor should turn clockwise with your left hand and counter clockwise with your right hand. While using this device you must be relaxed and you should not be resting your elbows. Do not proceed until you have completely mastered this technique.

Step #2

Although this method is more difficult it will teach you to direct the energy you learned to use in Step 1. Cup both your hands around the rotor being careful not to let your fingertips touch. Concentrate on making the rotor move clockwise or counter clockwise. Once you have the rotor moving in the right direction try reversing the movement. Again make sure you master this method before moving on.

Step #3 

Using only your index finger point it toward the rotor and without touching it try to make it follow your finger, as if jou were pulling it towards you, in first one direction then the other. Try it with both hands to find out which finger is better. If you can't get the rotor to follow your finger, then try to make it move away, as if you were pushing on it. Make sure that you master the above steps before going any further.

The above procedures, teach you how to direct and control the energy fields around your body, with your mind. If you have become adept at the techniques presented here then you are ready to increase your energy flow. You can do this by placing a glass over the rotor and box so that the glass is not touching the rotor. Use the smallest glass that will fit. The rotor should still spin freely inside the glass. Utilize the methods given previously to try and make the rotor move. This will be harder to do but be persistent in your effort, and you will succeed in raising your level of energy until it is high enough to affect the rotor even though the glass is over it. Remember that the energy flow is not constant and that you will have to relax between sessions. Be persistent in your efforts, and you will be successful.

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Andrew S.

This is amazing it actually really works when you follow the instructions.

Terry D.

This is definitely something for someone who wants to learn to control the energy flow out of their hands. Putting my hand next to it makes it move almost immediately, taking it away makes it stop. It is definitely worth buying!

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