Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry Quartz Crystal

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The Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry Crystal Set contains the 5 basic shapes that can be extracted from Metatron's cube shown above, as well as a sphere (representing  ineffable oneness; the indivisible fulfillment of the Universe) and a tetrahedron which also can be extracted from Metatron's Cube. Each of these shapes is explained below.

Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry Quartz Crystal

The Tetrahedron is a 4 sided pyramid (unlike the pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere which are 5 sided). Each side is a triangle. It represents the powers of manifestation and creation, the element of fire, the color red and the solar plexus (third) chakra. It is masculine.

The power of fire and the power present in the tetrahedron are beneficial for creating change but need to be handled with utmost of care.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Quartz Crystal Clear (Natural Quartz)  0.8 x 0.55 High / 2 x 1.4 High (each edge is 2cm) 0.1 / 3
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Petter S.
Good Quality

I received my Tetrahedron and am very happy. Much better looking than in the picture shown above.

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