The 144 Aphrodisiac Decoder

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What is an Aphrodisiac? 

An aphrodisiac is any substance which can stimulate, strengthen and deepen the pleasures of sexual activity. The word is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Aphrodisiacs encompass all experiences involving the senses including sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.

According to ancient records, in 5,000 BCE Egyptians were producing drugs and plant extracts to stimulate sexual appetite. Ancient Greece and Rome both have an elaborate tradition in the creation of effective aphrodisiacs. Women used potions and perfumes to entice men, while the men devised an enormous range of concoctions to make women more interested in their advances.

The efficiency of most aphrodisiacs is a matter of debate. Most of them are scientifically untested but their long tradition indicates at least a degree of potency. lt is fairly certain that some drinks stimulate erotic impulses. However, their ultimate success may well depend on external factors such as ambience and physical well-being. The search for powerful erotic stimulants has not stopped people from using dangerous and harmful poisons. It is prudent to be careful with aphrodisiacs with unknown or suspect ingredients. Alternatively, there are plenty of common foods with aphrodisiac reputations which are totally safe to eat!

The Decoder 

This Decoder introduces 144 aphrodisiac substances including drugs, herbs, spices, general foods, drinks and essential oils. Turn the four wheels and discover details on the astonishing energy and effort human beings have put into improving their love-Iife and love-making. You will learn what substances to be wary of and be surprised by how many of your every day foods have aphrodisiac properties. This Decoder does not advise or give recommendations on the actual use of aphrodisiacs. That should be left to qualified medical practitioners.

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