Tuning Fork Therapy eBook - Level One Manual

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Learn a variety of methods and techniques that will aid your own body's innate ability to heal itself. Discover the Chakra System and how to incorporate this knowledge into your current practice.

Contents of the Book

The book is 168 pages in length and the information and instruction is presented across 13 chapters, which are titled as follows;

Chapter One

Introduction to Tuning Fork Therapy®
The Science of Sound 
The Nature of Sound Waves
What are Harmonics?
Nature of Frequency

Chapter Two

How We Hear Sound
External Ear
Anatomical Structures of the Ear
Anatomical Areas of the Ear

Chapter Three

History of the tuning fork

Chapter Four

Parts of the tuning fork
The Difference between tuning forks
Calibrating tuning forks
How to hold the tuning fork
How to activate the tuning fork
How to file the tuning fork
How to properly store your tuning fork

Chapter Five

Elements and Tuning Forks
Single Forks and their Elemental Associations
The ‘C’ Tuning Fork (Middle/Low)
The ‘D’ Tuning Fork
The ‘E’ Tuning Fork
The ‘F’ Tuning Fork
The ‘G’ Tuning Fork
The ‘A’ Tuning Fork
The ‘B’ Tuning Fork
The ‘C’ Tuning Fork

Chapter Six

The Chakra System

Chapter Seven

Toning with Tuning Forks
Chakra Toning Exercise 1
Chakra Toning Exercise 2
Chakra Toning Exercise 3
Double Toning Exercise
Closing the session

Chapter Eight

Head Spirals

Chapter Nine

Ways to Select your Tuning Forks

Chapter Ten

Methods and Techniques

Chapter Eleven

Using tuning forks in a healing session
Using the Spiral Technique
Horizontal Technique

Chapter Twelve

Double Forks and their Elemental Associations

Chapter Thirteen

Put it all together
How to perform the tuning fork session
Client In-Take Form
Protocols for the Chakras
Musical Terms Glossary
About the Author
Other Books by Author

The book refers to the tuning forks A, B, C, D, E, F and G which are included in the harmonic spectrum tuning fork set available through Natures Energies. 

The section titled Protocols of the Chakras is a fascinating reference that lists many health disorders A to Z, recommending ways to tackle the conditions using the chakra tuning forks. A sample of this section is shown below (showing only conditions that begin with "A");

Abdominal Pains—Chakra 1, 2, and 3
Acne—Chakra 1, 2, 3, and 4
Addictions—Chakra (All and Any)
Adenoid Problems—Chakra 5, 6, and 7
Adrenal—Chakra 1, 2, and 4
Allergies—Chakra 3, 4, and 5
Alzheimer's—Chakra 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6
Anemia—Chakra 1, 2, 3, and 4
Angina—Chakra 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
Ankle Problems—Chakra 1, 2, 3, and 4
Anxiety—Chakra 1, 2, 3, and 4
Appendicitis—Chakra 1, 2
Arms Problems—Chakra 2, 4
Arteries—Chakra 1, 2, and 4
Arthritis—Chakra 1, 3, and 4
Asthma—Chakra 2, 3, and 4
Athlete's Foot—Chakra 1, 2, 3, and 4

All other conditions from B to Z are shown in the actual eBook.

Sample Pages from the Tuning Fork Therapy eBook

Sample Page 69
Sample Page 81

 Tuning Fork Therapy eBook - Level One Manual

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Note: There are 3 optional accompanying DVDs that are available which can be purchased in addition to the level one manual which will help you to expand on the basic knowledge of tuning forks and give full demonstrations on how to use the basic student harmonic set of tuning forks in a healing session. Click here to view the DVDs. When studying the tuning forks using these manuals, we recommend that you purchase the harmonic tuning forks which will enable you to practice the techniques.
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