Crystal Angel Birthstones

Crystal Angel BirthstonesThe Crystal Angel Birthstones are beautiful pewter angel pieces bearing colored glass wings, which carry a birthstone symbolizing the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. They make excellent birthday gifts and each one comes well presented in a plastic covered box displaying the angel holding the appropriate birthstone for the month of birth that they represent.

January Garnet,February Amethyst
Each of the Crystal Angel Birthstones come beautifully presented making them an ideal birthday gift

The birthstones represented by the crystal angels are based upon the modern birthstone list published in a leaflet issued by the Jewelers of America, the premiere resource for retail jewelers in U.S.A. Note that all stones carried by the angels are synthetic. All descriptions shown below are taken from the reverse side of the box in which the Crystal Angel Birthstones come.

Note: Birthstones for some months are not shown as the crystal angel birthstones are no longer available for those months.

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