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"no jolting action, which can cause shoulder strain/back pain for owners as well as neck strain for the dog...."

The Cujo Shock Absorbing Leash is a great accompaniment to the magnetic health collars also available through Natures Energies.

Cujo EzyDog Shock Absorbing LeashesThese specially designed leashes were developed in the mid-nineties, as an alternative to dog harnesses, to absorb the constant shock that a dog typically receives around the neck and directly onto the trachea while on his or her daily walk.

The leashes are not only hand made with meticulous quality, but the material used is a bungy cord made from tough durable nylon webbing material (12 strand polypropylene) capable of supporting heavy loads - the lightweight material has a breaking strain of 650Kg (1400lbs)!

The leash also features light reflecting stitching useful for evening or night walks, as well as salt resistant parts for the walk along the beach.

Comfortable for you too .....

The developers of this leash found that it was not only more comfortable for the dog, but it also had a nice pleasant elastic feel which transmits to the arm of the dog's owner when the dog pulls excessively or jolts.

The leash features a soft TPR traction rubber handle that provides a pyramid pull system, which in turn stops the hand from being pinched, evenly distributing the pet's load across the hand. This handle, in conjunction with the shock-absorbing properties, provides the perfect amount of control and comfort.

Cujo Dog Leads

Which leash is suitable for my dog?

Use the following table to select the leash to support the needs and requirements for your dog;

Leash Name


Suitable for ....
Cujo 25 25 inches (64cm) + 6 inches (15cm) of available stretch Medium to Extra Large Dogs e.g.,

Boxer, Basset, Golden Retriever.

The tight, short stretch gives the owner the most comfort and control over the Medium to Large Dogs that pull hard. Perfect for those heavy traffic areas where they need to stay close.

Cujo 40 40 inches (100cm) + 12 inches (30cm) of available stretch

Small to Medium Size Dogs e.g., Toy Poodle Miniature Schnauzers, Shih Tzus.

Slightly-less tight and longer stretch gives the owner the most comfort and control over the hard pulling Small dog or the Medium and Large Dogs that do not pull. A great leash for the well behaved friend who needs his space.

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