Gem Essence & Essential Oil Blends

Delight, Indulge, Nurture, Heal and Soothe your soul with the first naturally diffused Essence Oils!

Made from a blend of gem essences and essential oils, these combination remedies utilize powerful vibrational medicine qualities combined with the power of essential oil aromas. 

here are 10 blends available for a variety of positive virtues. The Gem Essence/Essential Oil blends are available individually, or as a complete set in a delicate blue & white gloss box, in 10mL stock bottles.
Use the blends as follows;
  • Apply directly to pulse points
  • Apply to acupressure and/or chakra points
  • Add to massage oils
  • Add to oil burners
  • Add to an atomizer or aromatizer to add to the air
For professionals or the home user.