Schumann Generators

Schumann Generators are really modernised Orgone Creator Devices which have been partially modified to increase their energies. All generators are made from a unique substance called Orgonium (not to be confused with substances used by other manufacturers which are known to create bi-polar magnetic fields which are dangerous to human health, and have absolutely no beneficial effect on earth grids broadcasting negative polarity or Electromagnetic Radiation). Orgonium can also be referred to as a solid state negative ion generator.

Schumann Generators are very similar to Orgone Producing Devices, except that the frequency has been modified to provide exceptional results for neutralizing geopathic stress. Schumann Generators will generate full strength Schumann resonance which is in harmony with the 7 chakras of the human body. Without this resonance, the top 3 chakras in your body are rendered ineffective, due to the existing electrical power grid.

Schumann GeneratorsThey have a useful purpose in that they can raise the vibrational rate of the magnetic grids and fault zones, converting them to a life giving status, thus reducing the physical and mental health problems in the home or work environment. When a simple Schumann Disk is placed under a Salt Lamp, it will turn it into a true Room Harmonizer, clearing those harmful Benker Grid lines and all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Schumann Generators create a vibratory resonance, which was only available prior to the existence of the existing electrical power grid, which operates at either 50 or 60Hz, depending on what part of the world you live in.

The electrical grid frequency dampens the effectiveness of the higher 4 Schumann frequencies in our environment. Thus, having a depleting effect on the vitality of human beings’ emotional, healing, manifestation and connection to the source, being the purpose of the higher 4 chakras.

Positioning of the Schumann generator devices is not essential, but it will neutralize all faults perfectly. We do however recommend that the devices be placed on a hard surface such as the top of your refrigerator so that the effectiveness of the device is not dampened. Many people simply place a generator on their coffee table, on top of their TV, next to their bed or in their office. The main thing when using such and approach is to consider the radius of the field emitted by the device to determine that your whole home is covered. If you are in a large home you could need more than one device. Each of the Schumann generators described below will have an EMR neutralizing effect (depending on how it is applied) and a harmonizing effect of approx 5-8 meters radius.

  • Useful for units, flats, small homes and office area
  • Place at the center of the area where geopathic stress protection is needed
  • Around a 5M radius harmonization zone

Each of the following pieces contains highly energetic materials to broadcast an energized “Negative Ion life giving” field of around five metres in radius. All of the Schumann Generators are infused with the seven Schumann frequencies which are in harmony with the bodies chakra system, and are also infused with the “Solfeggio Frequencies” which were once used by Monks to attain Spiritual clarity. Of the “Solfeggio Frequencies”, 528Hz has been infused which is well known for its DNA repairing abilities. The Solfeggio Frequencies consist of 6 notes of the original musical scale used in ancient Gregorian chants. The musical note "C" was originally 528Hz but is now accepted in modern music as being 512Hz losing the ancient healing properties that it once had. As an aside, the other 5 Solfeggio Frequencies with differing spiritual healing abilities are 396Hz, 417Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz.

The Schumann Generators have a harmonizing effect of around 5 meters, and are perfect for that place in the house where energetic vibrations need to be raised.

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