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Smart Watch Radiation Harmonizer

Smart Watch Radiation Harmonizer

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Smart WatchWith the release of smart watch technology, we are now faced with a new wave of noxious WiFi radiation geopathic stress. Where one of these watches and you may find yourself affected as the smart watch sits directly on top of 3 acupuncture meridians, and transfers untreated energies directly into the bodily organs stressing them, resulting in the wearer feeling nauseousness and an unwell. We all love these forms of technology such as the smart watch so luckily there is a solution at hand to make them safe to wear!

The Watch Harmonizer is designed to neutralize the noxious positive charge and radiation field which may place resonant stress on organs created by all watches, wireless trackers. Smart watches. Ensure that you attach the green sticker to the back of your watch and protect yourself from the dangers of smart watches.

Watch harmonizer stickerDirections

Simply peel the Watch Harmonizer From the backing and stick onto the back of the watch.

Suitable For all watches, digital and mechanical. Smart Watches which emit EMF and Radio Frequency Wireless Trackers also suitable for ... Mobile Phones MP3 Players Tablets DECT Phones

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Smart Watch Radiation Harmonizer

Smart Watch Radiation Harmonizer

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