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Mandala Print Talisman with Universal Tortoise






Mandala Print Talisman with Universal Tortoise

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This is a pocket size carry-along Tibetan Buddhist Charm Mandala ideal for your wallet or purse. It is an excellent remedy for the malevolent #3 hostile star that brings quarrels, verbal assaults, hostilities, negative encounters, lawsuits and court case. Having this powerful talisman close to you will suppress not only the #3 quarrelsome star but also dissolve other threatening energies directing at you, thus giving you peace of mind. Carrying the Mandala Print Talisman with you all the time will also act like a personal guardian against the malicious #5 Yellow star which brings accidents, misfortunes, financial loss and severe problems.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Printed Glossy Plastic Card Gold  4.75x3.5 / 12x8.9 0.01 / 4

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Mandala Print Talisman with Universal Tortoise

Mandala Print Talisman with Universal Tortoise

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