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A stunning new healing modality tool, these specially designed color tools are of the highest quality, specifically made with integrity for use by natural therapists. They come complete with batteries, a clip to attach the tool to a pocket when working, a hard case in which to keep them and a complete set of interchangeable color discs to allow the light to flow through the crystal in the different colors. The set now includes extra color discs for use with the Chakric system at no extra cost (seven in total as shown in photo). The Advanced Color Discs are optionally available as an additional set of discs with additional healing qualities. Changing and working with the color discs is a simple procedure.

The crystal tips used in the torch are of natural, uncut and unpolished Australian quartz crystals, double terminated and organic crystals whenever possible, hand selected for their energies, and ease of refraction. In many cases, the quartz crystal tip is a multiple tipped crystal. Single and multiple tipped pieces work equally effectively in delivering healing photonic energy. The globe is halogen to produce perfect white light thus ensuring your colors are not distorted for effective healing. A perfect tool for kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices.

Each torch comes with a replacement bulb situated in the tail end of the torch. Should you ever be in that rare circumstance where you require another replacement bulb, Natures Energies can provide them. Click here for more information.

How the torch is used

The torch comes with instructions, although it is recommended that the workbook be studied firstly for an understanding of the benefits available through Chromotherapy.

By placing the appropriate color disc in the torch, and either running this color along the appropriate meridian, or holding it over the appropriate acupressure holding points, energy will be assisted to flow through these areas and balance will be achieved. Kinesiologists may muscle test which points are out of balance to determine where the torch is needed. For best results, consider using the acupuncture pen to accurately locate acupuncture meridian points. There are also essences as well as negative and positive emotions which are associated with each meridian, and by locating these you will add depth and strength to your balance. Please refer to the Crystal Light Balancing Workbook for further information. This referral is also necessary for those who do not know where the meridians are located on the body as well as locating a wide range of emotional imbalances that could be creating deeper concerns for your patient.

Dimension (cm) Weight (oz/g)
Packaged: 24 x 7 x 5
Torch: 12.8 x 1.8
Crystal Tip with Sleeve: 4 (varies up to 6cm) x 2
(Note: The natural crystal tip may be provided as a hand selected single or multiple crystal piece)
Packaged: 3.9 / 111
Torch: 1.8 / 50
Crystal Tip with Sleeve: 0.3 / 9
Question Some of the light filter discs have paper protective covers on both sides. How do I remove them?

Some of the discs come covered with a paper surface that can easily be removed - if not please do so by soaking the discs in water. The discs are not inferior but custom made to exact light frequencies.

Question Can I use the torch on animals?

Yes as long as you are familiar with meridian systems in animals you can treat them using the chromotherapy torch.

Question With the torch being battery operated - is there an alert to indicate when batteries need to be replaced?

With regard to the batteries, we usually find that the torch lasts a long time - usually 3-6 months if you use Duracell batteries to run your torch (they come supplied). There is no LED suggesting when batteries are weakening - they do generally diminish quickly when on the decline. If you store your torch for a long time without using the torch, we recommend that you remove the batteries.

Question Do the torches come with a battery? Or do I need to purchase one?

The torch includes the 2 Duracell batteries.

Question Why does the violet disc appear to look more like a shade of pink in color?

The colours are the specific tones required to balance the meridians and associated chakra. Whilst we may commonly know shades in various colours we opted for the ones that produce the best healing for each chakra / meridian/acu point.

Question I would like to know more about the specs...what are the wavelengths and nanometers, etc.

We don't have the specifications for the wavelengths of the filters available. I have previously asked the developer/manufacturer for the information, but they were reluctant to give the information as they are accurate frequencies which work. I believe they hold this information closely for fear of others copying their technology. We have sold the torch now for over 15 years and always receive positive feedback about how effective it is as a chromotherapy device.

Question The crystal point easily comes completely away from the plastic piece into which the disks are inserted.

With the crystal coming away from the sleeve, this is only possible if you have pulled on the crystal, a common mistake made by many! There are warning instructions on top of the torch that say you must never do this, and that you should only pull on the sleeve that houses the crystal. However, if it has been removed, it can easily be repaired by yourself by placing a very small amount of household glue along the edge of the silicone, being sure not to get any on the bottom of the silicone. It is best to do this by placing the glue with a cotton bud tip just where the silicone meets the crystal, around the edge of the silicone. You then place it back in the sleeve, and there should never be a problem again.

Question The crystal tip of the torch doesn't appear to be a perfect crystal. Why is this?

We often receive enquiry from many customers who have purchased the chromotherapy torch, regarding the crystal tip. The crystal tip that is at the end of your torch is a natural quartz crystal that has been hand selected by Lesley Mitchell, the developer of the chromotherapy torch. For this reason, there are chips and distortions in the crystal that often lead to enquiry. Some are double crystals, others are very small and some are quite sharp, all being natural in their form, but each one is actually tested by Lesley before being assembled. The natural crystals deliver the photons far better than a synthetic crystal which would be much better in appearance but would not give the delivery impact of a natural crystal.

Question Can you deliver this item in South Africa?

Yes we do deliver to South Africa. When you add the items that you are purchasing to your shopping cart, and you select your postage options, you will see South Africa in the list of countries that we send to.

Question Is this the new and improved disc version?

The chromotherapy torch purchased by itself comes with the basic set of 7 color filters needed for chromotherapy. If you want the improved version, we recommend that you purchase the chromotherapy torch along with the Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Discs shown below on this page.

Question I received a multiple crystal tip on my unit, which appears different to the single crystal tip in the pictures. Is this an issue?

No not at all! Each crystal tip is hand selected by the developer of the chromotherapy torch and tested before being added to the sleeve. Many are in fact rejected, and only a select few get through the screening process. According to Lesley Mitchell "the multiples tend to work better as they have more energy axis within the crystals".

Question Please can you tell me the diameter of the coloured discs?

The color filter discs measure 17mm in diameter.

Question The chromotherapy torch looks not as good as some other products out there. Please explain.

The Crystal Light Balancing Torch was created from a strong kinesiology and gemmological background in 1991 and the developers had been studying for 8-10 years prior to that. We have supplied 1000's of torches worldwide and never had a practitioner return one due to their ineffectiveness. Yes there may be some prettier looking torches available, however as healers and practitioners most are concerned with the effectiveness of their tools rather than just what they look like and thus even those that have bought other products have often come back to the CLB torches with many positive comments.

Question Is the position of the crystal tip important?

Yes. The reason the Crystal tip is firmly fixed in place is so that no possible rotation of the crystal can occur. Each crystal has a naturally occurring energy axis and is unbroken. It is this energy axis that you need the appropriate color and light to pass through and pass directly into the meridian and / or acu point(s) There are special electronic tools that will allow you to visibly see this light and where it emits and the strength of it. The developers have previously worked with all these tools when we were developing the torch. Note: If the crystal tip is able to be rotated and placed back in, you will have no way of knowing where the energy axis now exists, especially if the crystals is cut, for this reason we never use cut or polished crystals only natural points. We would also never use a round crystal as you have no way of knowing (without special equipment ) where the energy axis is and could not therefore direct it or your colour therapy to your patient.

Question Can I use any additional colors to the ones provided?

Using additional colours will move you away from the theory of the Chinese 5 elements and produce a general soft healing where you are dealing with surface issues. If you have already dealt with the main causes this can be a little gentle bonus but will not address the root causes. The reason we only use the 5 elements is that this is the seat of all energy imbalances and emotional issues that arise from them, correct at the elemental level and your healing is solid and thorough. We added the couple of additional colours for people to rebalance chakras after the initial healing and only as an add on not the correction itself. You will achieve all the healing required by the basic colours. The developers have also tested 100s of colours, for example with the red they had 54 shade choices and when testing them all found only 2 produced a healing response in the body.

Question The color filters are made from a resin plastic. Why can't they be made from glass?

Glass - natural - obsidian or - man made is primarily composed of silica that is swirled together., if you look into a glass disc, often you can see with your naked eyes the swirls in it, if not then when placed under a microscope you will see these swirls. When light hits them it is refracted into many different directions. As a decoration this is very pretty, but in healing it scatters your energy axis and does not produce a direct healing to the acu points or meridians. You would do just as well to sit holding the gemstones for general healing, placing on coloured glasses or bathing under light, all are gentle and will produce some healing, but not the directed form we are after for efficient and focused healing.

Got this for Color Therapy and Crystal Therapy. I've used it a few times and can feel a sensation of energetic movement when I use it on painful areas. I have tendon issues and have felt better after using the torch on several occasions for a few minutes each time.

As for the torch itself, it's great quality. The crystal is a good size and shape and the light flows through clearly and with a good strong color. The color filters are good quality and fit easily inside the crystal attachment.

In terms of shipping, it came quickly and well packaged. I live in the US where it's really hard to find these. Thank you very much for providing quality and shipping worldwide.

The Torch came well packaged and in a sturdy presentation box. Have not used the it yet, but it is exactly what l was looking for.

I absolutely love my Chromotherapy which I use with Crystal Light Therapy. Delivery was super fast and well packaged. My clients really benefit from the therapeutic use of this torch.

I just love the Chromotherapy Torch!!!

I have been very pleased with my chromotherapy torch purchase. The service you provided in getting it to the UK so quickly deserves a resounding 5!! I am really pleased. I am a Health Kinesiologist and using the torch has come up as part of the treatment for each client I have worked on since receiving it. I have also worked on my family and myself and had very good results. Many thanks for supplying such a good service.

I am very pleased with the products I purchased: Chromotherapy Torch & Chromotherapy Torch Advanced Color Healing Discs. They are adding a lot to my holistic approach to health and the work with the clients in my private practice:De PijnKliniek

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